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With life expectancy approaching 100, life’s too long to do work that doesn’t matter to you.

But you’ll have invested time and energy into your career so far, and it’s not easy to decide to take a different direction. More to the point, what direction should you take? Some people seem to ‘just know’ – for the rest of us, it can feel like a bit of a mystery.

How do you pivot your career? And how do you create exciting opportunities for yourself?

That’s where we come in.

The Career Change Accelerator

(Formerly known as the Escape Tribe)

A 10-week, part-time course (designed to fit around a full- time job) in which you’ll not only learn the smart way to get your career change off the ground – you’ll actually do it. Our curriculum is built from the very best knowledge of prominent career change experts.


While some people really do know what they want to do with their lives, the large majority of us have to try a few things out and learn as we go. This course is designed to accelerate this process.

You will learn:

  • A framework for orienting your plans and philosophy regarding career and professional life, and for locating career within life overall
  • Ideas for evaluating different career paths and multiple careers, and how to make good decisions on which to take
  • Practical skills and exercises for investigating alternatives and career “prototypes”
  • About design thinking and the Lean Startup which you can apply in other areas
  • Unconventional ways of standing out in the job market, and how to market yourself in the 21st Century
  • How to derisk your career change, including how to monetise skills and freelance on the side

Our formula for a successful Escape

You’ll get a weekly dose of inspiration from Escape heroes.

You’ll get access to private storytelling sessions with entrepreneurs, artists, career changers, adventurers, and other Escapees who are successfully building careers on their own terms.

You’ll be part of a community of likeminded peers.

Making a big change is tough, but it’s completely possible when you’re surrounded by the right people. You’ll join 39 other people who are committed to making bold career changes.

You’ll take small steps and make big leaps forward.

You’ll set intentions, commit to small actions every week, and hold each other accountable. You’ll design and test 3x career prototypes over the 10 weeks, and make powerful moves forward in a direction that matters.

You’ll learn how to hack your career.

We’ll teach you the  ‘Lean Career Change’ method, and teach you how to apply it in the real world to create exciting opportunities for yourself, giving you the knowledge, experience, and confidence to take the next steps in your career.

We’re gearing up to recruit 40 changemakers to join us this September and start redesigning their career.

Find out more & receive your discounted rate:

Next intake: 30th September-9th December 2017

(This course is designed to fit around a full-time job. Sessions take place every Tuesday evening as well as 4 weekend days. The course fee starts from £1,800.)

Escape Stories

These career changers share how they tackled the big questions and the path they took to making a change.

Upcoming Events

Hear from people who have switched careers, learn ways to uncover your new direction, and meet likeminded people asking the same big, bold questions about what work means to them.

How To Create A Career You Love

Join us for this intensive 2-hour workshop to learn how to take control of your career & find ways of doing work that you will love. You will leave this workshop inspired to make change happen, with the beginnings of a plan, a commitment to action and a long list of new ideas.


Tues 1st August, 7-9pm

Tickets: £10-15

Work.Life Bermondsey

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