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New Member
My name is Petros I am a Volunteer Advisor for a volunteering organisation. I am very interested in conservation and the environment and have previously worked on conservation projects in the cloud...
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New Member
I consider the world my home and have travelled through over 50 countries where I discovered a love for the developing world. Passionate about education, health and nutrition and sustainable develo...
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New Member
Hi, I'm a lawyer with 15 years post qualification experience. Now working in house but with a background in private practice advising on dispute resolution and construction. I'm looking for a fresh...
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New Member
Hi, I'm a financial controller with 5 years experience. I'm looking for opportunities to use my analytical thinking and commercial savvy in more creative or philanthropic industries, either in Lond...
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New Member
I have 15yrs experience in investment banking and derivatives trading. Im looking for a fresh challenge to excite and inspire me. Im interested in starting up a web based enterprise that uses colla...
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New Member
I founded and ran a non-profit music and media company for decade. Now looking to bring my expertise in marketing, strategy, innovation, and business development to a young company seeking to make...
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New Member
I graduated from The University of Alabama in 2011 and am still looking for a job. I am willing to relocate and travel. If I had enough money I would run away to another country, but I thought that...
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New Member
I am a freelance photographer with almost 2 years of experience in the field. I love the adventure, and I am looking to travel with photography. My wildest dream would be to work with National Geog...
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New Member
Hi there, i am motion graphics artist with more than 10 years of experience. I am looking for a new exited projects which could help me to develop my career further...Also to meet new professional...
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New Member
I've been working in the architecture & arts fields for over nine years and at the moment I'm looking to move to England to pursue a degree to broaden my area of expertise. Anyone willing to hi...
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New Member
Dear community! I´m engineer for process technology. After six year of straight and sucessfull work in a big company I´m looking for a alternativ working space far away from germany. At the summe...
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New Member
Senior corporate lawyer looking to start up a fitness studio or inject ideas, vision and/or capital into an existing or start up fitness venture. Keen to break down the exclusive, niche, expensive,...
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