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New Member
Hi I have a varied arts and cultural industries background now working in HE. After years of travel overseas including volunteering and visiting projects I am looking to match up my interests an...
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New Member
i am, 29yo, brought up in Tokyo. I started my company Pop In the City, urban adventure races for women, which take place in European cities, and look for volunteers regularly! I can give tips and ...
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New Member
Sparkly optimist, man on a mission. Design, startups, progressive business, culture, happiness. Founder @spookstudio @happystartups UXcafé. Kinda Irish lookin.
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New Member
Hi there, I have been working internationally in management consulting with focus on transformation projects over the last 12 years and am fluent in German, English, Spanish and French. I 've just ...
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New Member
Hello everybody, my name is Réka and I am a social entrepreneur and studying psychology. I am looking for a job/internship for my summer break (2months) in the field of social entrepreneurship, o...
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New Member
Hi, everyone, I'm Psychologist with 10 years experience. Also I've got 5 years experience in market research. I'm looking for job opportunities in my field abroad. I also have an idea for online h...
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New Member
Hello! I'm a university student in my fourth year studying Spanish and Linguistics and I've started learning Mandarin Chinese this year too. I've lived and worked abroad in Spain for a year which I...
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New Member
Economist. Music Fanatic. MCFC Supporter. Student Activist.
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New Member
Hi, I have been working in the drinks business for 3 years and before that investment banking. Now I am looking for a an opportunity in a smaller company within general marketing/business developme...
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New Member
I am currently a management consultant in London. I want to explore my creativity, have an impact on people, and make a tangible change in the world around me. I also consider starting my own busin...
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New Member
I'm a Photographer looking for exciting, adventurous experiences.
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New Member
I am currently an Account Manager for an IT company which services the Construction Industry. My background is in Project Management and consulting. My passion is surfing and my dream is to work fo...
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