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New Member
#APMM @Google / Student #HECParis - IT enthusiast, Relentless trekker and Food lover :)
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New Member
I am a community artist working with visual arts. I am passionate about working creatively within communities to promote self empowerment. I have worked in Glasgow and Argentina in the past 4 years...
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New Member
Ciao, I am an Italian student of electrical engineering, I'm also passionate about building engineering and design. I'm looking for opportunity to work on energy technology on big infrastructures o...
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New Member
I am a college professor from Spain currently working in the U.S. Over ten years of work in academia and plenty of travelling have not diminished my desire of keeping wandering around the world. I'...
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New Member
Hello everyone. I’m an experienced event, non-profit, and project coordinator professional. I’m looking for job opportunities preferably in the corporate event planning field but open to any unique...
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New Member
Hi everyone, i've just graduated from Industrial Design Bachelor Programme. I currently taking master degree of Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship here in Indonesia. I am preparing myself to fo...
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New Member
Hello everyone, I know I sounds so excited ;) I´m a Chef de Rang with over 5 years of experience in the restaurant/hotel branch and I would like to share my experience. I also have a good idea for ...
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New Member
Network Administrator working as a contractor in Afghanistan. Looking to avoid the cubicle when I return home next Spring. I am an expert with Cisco systems and open to going anywhere and doing...
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New Member
Passionate about making Online a better place
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New Member
1. A French junior, having lived abroad and worked one year for Google 2. A job where you can make the difference, with a strong interest for geopolitics, NGO and the Internet industry 3. I have...
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New Member
I am a Spanish journalist based in London but as a freelancer I do have to travel quite often across Europe. I am looking for a job opportunity where I could use my experience gained in the past 7 ...
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New Member
I'm Proudence and I'm looking for something different. I'm a Social Media marketing Specialist. I used to work in Italy, in a gold not-creative cage. Now I moved in London. And wanna be free to ...
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