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New Member
Hello! my name is Caitlin, I am looking for a opprotunity abroad this summer. Last year I studied in Chile, Argentina and Italy. I love working with people and helping out anyway I can. I am very i...
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New Member
Hi everyone! I am a Mexican-American professional, with a Mexican Law degree and 8+ years of Biz Dev experience. I am looking to escape the corporate world! and are looking for the firs step doing...
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New Member
Hello world! I've dabbled in marketing and social media strategies, B2B and B2C relationships, a little bit of copywriting and volunteering abroad. I want what everyone here wants: to do a job that...
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New Member
Hi there, I had left my corporate banking job and moved to New York to start a company or work with a startup. Life is an exciting adventure, might as well have a positive impact and enjoy it!
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New Member
hello everyone, i am a former student athlete who is looking to find a job which i will be as passionate about as i was playing soccer. if you have a great opportunity shoot me a message.
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New Member
I'm an Outdoor Educator with 12 years experience. I found my current position as Education Director of the American Tall Ship Institute on EscapeTheCity. I've had a great time sailing around the Ch...
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New Member
Make-Up Artist, trainee Beauty Therapist, Marketing Manager and life adventurer.
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New Member
I'm a communications and development professional with experience in corporate communications and philanthropy, strategy building, and event planning. I'm interested in managing projects that requi...
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New Member
I'm the Social Media and Online manager at the Park Record. I'm always looking for my next adventure, ideally working in social media or journalism abroad.
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New Member
Newly admitted to the Massachusetts Bar. Interested in doing general liability and risk management work at a socially responsible consumer product or retail company. Regularly volunteer as a mentor...
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New Member
Hi there, I'm a traveler and anti-spam researcher. My mind is a popcorn machine for ideas. I'm looking for a challenge anywhere in the world. I want to make a difference, either by joining an ongoi...
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New Member
There are many reasons to travel... My is based on my experience as an Outward Bound instructor in social projects and attempt to share it ...
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