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New Member
I am a recent graduate with a degree in Public Relations. I'm a passionate person looking for work that I can really immerse myself in. My heart lies in the healthcare industry, but I believe any e...
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New Member
Hi, my name is Gergely Laszlo-Zwickl. I'm a writer producer and video editor who cares for on-air promotion and film promotion mostly. I'm located in the green suburbs of Budapest, Hungary. I produ...
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New Member
I create change through #campaigning and #photography. Always learning. #Po2000 (read 2k books before am 75) and #7giants (photo doc project)
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New Member
Hi everyone, I have worked in Alumni Relations for 10 years and have done start-up and worked on established programs. I'm looking for opportunities to work on building positive relationships betwe...
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New Member
A qualified lawyer, I've been in Investment Banking for the past 5 years. I'm in the early stages of working out what I'm looking for and how I can help others, but I'll come back to this.
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New Member
Hey. My name's Antonio Mello. I'm software developer. I've been doing that for the last 6 years and I love what I do. I'm looking for any internet start-ups or any non-conventional jobs related to ...
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New Member
I am a bookkeeper working in an accountancy firm with a few websites on the side which I manage
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New Member
I'm a dedicated marketing and events professional that enjoys developing and managing people and projects to deliver unique and creative productions, campaigns and events. Along with a demon...
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New Member
For 20 years I have worked in change management, organisational development and human resources in consultancy, corporate & international organisations. I have also worked different projects relate...
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New Member
Founder/Director of RazorLAB, UK manufacturing hub for and powered by Ponoko. Looking for improving our Digital Manufacturing business. I can help other members on Crowdfunding their projects/i...
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New Member
Hi All, I have a varied career to date with experience in lots of analytical and client facing roles, as well as problem resolution. I am fluent in Spanish, am picking up French and have a degree i...
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New Member
I'm an MBA grad with 7 years of experience in planning, training and problem solving primarily within the area of emergency management. I am looking for job opportunities that align more with my M...
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