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An experienced professional currently working for a major international foundation seeking new and exciting opportunities.
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Web Developer Needed
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Hello out there! I'm a CIMA qualified Accountant and looking for something a bit more meaningful than just number crunching. I refuse to believe that Accountants are dull and boring and would lik...
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I have over 2 years of political and human rights experience, working in the offices of politicians and for human rights groups. I have been doing research and advocacy for a small Middle Eastern h...
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After 5 years managing child welfare and environmental conservation projects in the field in Southern Africa, I have relocated back to the UK and am looking for a challenging and exciting role base...
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My name is William Hein, I am an undecided individual with a proficiency in computer technology and a yearning for something different. I have dozens of ideas come up every day for new inventions o...
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I've lived and worked in Europe for three years. I work on a project for the European Commission called Tech All Stars I am planning to move back to San Francisco and I am looking for work in a ...
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My name is Aaron Smith & I'm a political junkie with 2 years of experience on Capitol Hill & political campaigns. In addition to politics, I have 2 years of experience in Marketing & Advertising c...
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Hey everybody! I am currently a multimedia manager and editor with 2 years experience along with student film experience done during university. I'm looking to for opportunities involving live even...
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Square Mile Exec, aspiring for much more than working for the next 20+ years to make business shareholders richer whilst missing out on my three kids growing up. My solution: move into the Search E...
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Hi! I'm a entrepreneur with more than 10 years digital/technology/business experience. I'm looking for good ideas, partners and people who really want to innovate, not just products and services i...
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Hello. I am a Post-Doc Researcher in Statistics with a mainly Econometric background. I'm looking for job opportunities related to Research/statistically modelling. I am available to move almost an...
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