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New Member
Hi everyone, I have recently completed an MSc at SOAS in London after almost ten years in China, where I worked at the British Chamber of Commerce, first as Editor, then as Manager and also ran a b...
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New Member
I'm a strategy officer at Teach for the Philippines and I believe in Escape the City's mission. I would love to form a community of believers here in my country, and would be interested in meeting ...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I am an IT Project Manager searching for a new adventure. I worked in this role for the last 5 years, and in my last experience I managed projects in the Mobile market. My passion f...
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New Member
Hi there, I'm an Investment Banker with 4 years experience covering a broad range of industries. I'm looking for opportunities in Internet start-ups wherever in the world. I have a lot of ideas aro...
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New Member
I’m a Research Analyst with 5 years experience in the Healthcare. Prior to that, I ran marketing and sales at a Tech Start-up, helping to engineer our buyout by a customer. Now, I’m looking for job...
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New Member
I'm Sue B with a world of experience and skills, looking for a new challenge, nothing is too scary for me. I could help you build your new business!
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New Member
Life Motto: Make a Difference
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New Member
Hi everyone! With a double degree in Civil Engineering and a master’s in Project Finance, I am an enthusiast of human progress and human dignity and I am actively looking to be part of a project th...
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New Member
Business development Manager - For International Sales of websites, web based project and online promotion solutions
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New Member
abc is my details..
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New Member
Hello! I'm the Product Development & Sourcing Associate of a social enterprise called Rags2Riches, Inc. I'm looking to explore & travel the world, being a mountaineer & skin diver with a passion fo...
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