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Hello folks, I'm a senior finance executive with 10 years experience in senior leadership positions. I'm looking for an exciting opportunities in Finance in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain. I c...
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I am Danny Trujillo, I am an audio guy with an audio degree, I do work in all types of audio visual work. I have experience in recording studios as well as in live sound, video, lighting events. I ...
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I’m a senior sales professional in a very well known web search company with 6 years software & enterprise sales experience. I'm looking for job opportunities in technology or start-ups in London w...
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I'm currently working in government finance having obtained a Chemistry (MChem) degree from Oxford University. I also some experience of youth volunteering through VSO. I am keen to explore a more ...
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How do I get started for my escape?
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Hi everyone, I'm a Marketing Specialist with 2 years experience. I'm looking for job opportunities in PR or media in Vienna or abroad. Like to get knew ideas for change and being inspired. Drop me ...
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I'm currently a primary school teacher, and not bad at it, even if I do say so myself. Whilst I love aspects of my job, lately I feel more and more like there's something inside of me that is searc...
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Hi, I quit my job of Agile/Lean IT coach, run blog (en.differ.cz), write ebooks on Agile and Lean topics. The rest of my days I love to paint, draw, draw IT comics, travel, study psychology and con...
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Hi Everyone, I am entreprenuer in the process of leaving Kazan (Russia) to come back to London and launch a new technology start up called Portfolica. Happy to chat with others about the entreprene...
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Hi everyone, I have a background in finance and I'm looking for companies looking for people to develop their business.I am hard working, very organised, very nice and have a lot of energy to spen...
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Hello everyone, I recently graduated from a Master of Science program in Management and I am looking for a job in an exciting and innovative workplace. I am currently living in Milan, but I am inte...
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Hello, I am a Business/Private PA with 5years experience based in Mayfair. I am looking for a fun new role which would involve travelling and would be particularly interested in joining a new start...
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