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New Member
I am a computer engineer from Madrid (Spain) working as an IT Consultant for 5 years experience. I am looking for new work opportunities in the IT area inside or outside my country. I am also look...
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New Member
Hi everyone!! I'm a sudent of international marketing. However I rather do an outdoors job... And if it's abroad the best! And I love living new experiences!! I like animals and nature! I'm curre...
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New Member
Hi, I'm a serial entrepreneur and helper of start ups; providing the experience of my long years in software development, architecture and management to build successful companies. I'm looking to...
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New Member
Hello, I'm a call centre consultant with more than 5 years experience. Im looking for a change anywhere around the world that would give me a real life experience.
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New Member
I travel. I write. I travel some more. I write some more. I make people laugh. I make people intrigued about the world around them and inside them. Usually, I find the critical questions laying in...
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New Member
I'm a Visual Communications grad, specialised in Copywriting and Advertising Photography. Working in a major telecom for the past 14 years in Marketing - Portals content management and currently as...
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New Member
Beijing, China. Exhausted of boring working, sitting behind a bench hardly everyday. Hope a blue sky, blue sea, green land life, Europe will be better.
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New Member
Hi, I'm an independent filmmaker. I am looking for collaborators and funders who are interested in making inspiring documentaries or feature films.
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New Member
I'm a fresh gruduate who chooses to follow the heart and do seemingly stupid things. I look for oppotunities in every fields because I have no specialties but just a strong interest in learning and...
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New Member
Hey folks, I'm an architecture student at UC Berkeley interested in design-build projects and non-profit benevolent design projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hit me up!
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New Member
Hello, I am a recent graduate (Human rights & Law) living in Leeds, UK. I am looking to find employment and/or temporary volunteer work in a related field in the upcoming months, before hopefully ...
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New Member
Greetings, I'm an Assistant Producer with 4 years of Television Production experience. I'm looking for job opportunities in Technology or Internet start-ups in London. I also have ideas for onlin...
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