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New Member
I travel. I write. I travel some more. I write some more. I make people laugh. I make people intrigued about the world around them and inside them. Usually, I find the critical questions laying in...
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New Member
I'm a Visual Communications grad, specialised in Copywriting and Advertising Photography. Working in a major telecom for the past 14 years in Marketing - Portals content management and currently as...
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New Member
Beijing, China. Exhausted of boring working, sitting behind a bench hardly everyday. Hope a blue sky, blue sea, green land life, Europe will be better.
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New Member
Hi, I'm an independent filmmaker. I am looking for collaborators and funders who are interested in making inspiring documentaries or feature films.
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New Member
I'm a fresh gruduate who chooses to follow the heart and do seemingly stupid things. I look for oppotunities in every fields because I have no specialties but just a strong interest in learning and...
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New Member
Hey folks, I'm an architecture student at UC Berkeley interested in design-build projects and non-profit benevolent design projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hit me up!
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New Member
Hello, I am a recent graduate (Human rights & Law) living in Leeds, UK. I am looking to find employment and/or temporary volunteer work in a related field in the upcoming months, before hopefully ...
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New Member
Greetings, I'm an Assistant Producer with 4 years of Television Production experience. I'm looking for job opportunities in Technology or Internet start-ups in London. I also have ideas for onlin...
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New Member
Hello All. I have just launched an events company and we are on the hunt to expand our client portfolio and maximize our business potential. We want to work alongside creative agencies and film co...
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New Member
I'm a person looking to get started, I've been in roles so far that never quite fully fit, but are comfortable. These type of roles are great,as they build valuable skills, but I never get that ful...
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New Member
Coming from diverse background and trying to avoid grey routine. Searching for exciting opportunities, start-ups or partners to proceed with my ideas. Would love to connect, communicate and share.
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New Member
Hello. I'm a management consultant with 1.5 years strategy experience, predominantly in the pharma / healthcare industry. I am also a qualified teacher with 2 years classroom experience. Looking fo...
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