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norm follows function: I'm an Information Architect & Design fan. I also like words & cycling.
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Writer, Thinker and Minimalist who blogs at The Ratliff Report™. I'm going to be writing a book on specific parts of the "human condition." By all means drop me a line.
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New Member
Hi fellow adventurers, my sister gave me the name of this organisation because she knows me and how desperate I am to escape the corporate world! I have worked in management consulting - strategy a...
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Fontanería, Tecnología & Finanzas 24h
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New Member
Hi everyone, My name is Samuel. I am a highly motivated and result oriented individual keen on attain set goals. I excel in game lodge management and ecotourist project management. I am looking to ...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I studied Urban Planning and am currently a construction manager for a home builder. I'm looking for opportunities at home and/or especially abroad that involve any of the following: ...
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New Member
I am an expert coder with a Stanford education that is looking for problems to solve. I'm the right combination of smart, creative, and communicative. All problems have a solution and I can usually...
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Bula! I'm a Civil Engineer with 4 plus years of experience in design, construction, and investigative field work. I'm looking for anything fun, challenging, and ever changing. I recently left my co...
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New Member
Business and Technology Consultant. I live the Greek dream in London.
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New Member
I am Matt, and i'm looking for something more. I want a career I am passionate about, but do not know what that is yet. I woule like to start a business and be involved from the ground floor. I'...
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New Member
Social impact analyst @bigsocietycap. Big believer in the new social economy, great journalism + the simultaneous power and madness of crowds.
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New Member
I'm a retired sales/marketing exec that has traveled extensively (62 countries & counting), lived & worked overseas (Asia), and did volunteer work in South Africa for Rotary. I live a very comforta...
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