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New Member
Hi! I'm an entrepreneur, PR professional and media personality with over 10 years experience in communications. I'm looking for opportunities to use my skills in a fun and "out there" kind of way. ...
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New Member
Hi there! I'm a 27 year old Cambridge Economics graduate with 7 years Equity sales and trading experience I Speak 4 languages (English, Spanish, French, Bengali) I have recently left banking...
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New Member
Hi there! I'm a marketing strategist and communicator with 4 years experience. My goal is to keep a steady stream of new business and marketing challenges in front of me. I'm looking for job opport...
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New Member
Hi everyone. I'm business consultant with a corporate tax and private tax background. I have managed to escape from the city for one day a week to work on other business ventures and I am looking t...
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New Member
Hey folks! I am a writer, editor, blogger, and journalist. I enjoy using my skills to help improve the lives of others. I have an idea of starting a new publication.
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New Member
UI/UX Guy | World Traveler | Digital Nomad | Entrepreneurship Junkie | Curious Dude.I'm fascinated by the intersection of technology, culture, and entrepreneurship. I see business as a means o...
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New Member
Hi, my name is Claudia, I'm half english and half Italian, I've studied History of Art in University and at the moment I'm working as a secretary in Milan. I have very good art skills, I'm great in...
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New Member
I'm a professional career and personal leadership coach, looking for individual and company clients. I am particularly good at helping you unpick what's really stopping you developing and working ...
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New Member
Engineering & Mathematics major, strong analyst, marketeer for life. Digital Marketing manager at Yandex (http://company.yandex.com/)
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New Member
Hello! I'm in education management with experience in sales, marketing, and development. I'm looking for a career and company that gives you the inner pride feeling whilst leaving others say, wish ...
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New Member
Hi, I'm an online media expert with a background in strategic partnerships, business development and analytics. I'm looking for opportunities in tech start-ups and as well as a number of other are...
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New Member
I'm an Italian instructor and advocate of foreign language learning/instruction and travel. I love Europe and have had the pleasure of living in both France and Italy with opportunities to travel t...
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