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New Member
My recent Masters in Leadership for Sustainable Development (through Forum for the Future), and current role at The DoNation (an exciting start-up), has developed a fresh and infectious appetite fo...
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New Member
Epicurean, food blogger and avid traveler, I traveled the world as a fashion model while completing a master in marketing. I’m gradually moving out of the modeling world to find a job I am truly pa...
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New Member
I An LSE Economics graduate with a passion in marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship. I have spent the past year immersing myself within the start-up world. I want to meet amazing new people an...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a Business Dev. Manager / Entrepreneur. I have been running my own educational events business (all age groups) for 5 years. I love design, creating things and seeing tangible res...
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New Member
Ive been working as an interior designer for nearly 3 years as of now, and I feel now is the time for a new challenge, whether it be something compleatly different or aiwthin the design feild, Im o...
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New Member
My name is Francesca and I come from Italy. I am an European project manager actually referent for the European Voluntary Service in an NGO organization located in Florence but I am looking for o...
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New Member
Quantitative Developer turned Technology Entrepreneur. Currently working on http://www.kisanhub.com After resigning from my previous job, I have set a technology firm based in Cambridge, UK. Hav...
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New Member
I just launched Stumble Abode, an online platform for private sales and lettings that works with St Mungo's for homeless people. We give our users the option to either list their properties for fre...
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New Member
trying to keep up with all the time spent having fun until my late 30ies
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New Member
Stay hungry, stay foolish.
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New Member
Hi there. Having worked in Corporate Communications, PR and Events for the last 6 years I am looking to escape the corporate world by either finding a new job that really makes a difference or pe...
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New Member
Hi everyone im Azhar from Pakistan, Ive worked in many organization small and large, but stand today nowhere, Ive a passion for photography and a little writing, im also into selling unique product...
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