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New Member
Hi, I'm an ex-finance professional, recently moved into the creative industry, now work in brand communication. I'm also a photographer and beginner graphic designer. I'm a fan of travelling and he...
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New Member
I'm an Italian girl, freshly graduated in Law. Anyway, my real passion goes in a totally different direction: I'm "truly-madly-deeply" in love with arts, I love drawing, decorating and even singing...
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New Member
I have been working at a global bank for the last 5 years based in Hong Kong. I am looking to take a plunge and relocate to Europe this year - having spent my university years in Australia, I very...
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New Member
“The core of man's spirit comes from new experiences.”
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New Member
4 years ago I (and others) sold a private business to a large Multinational. 4 years later, after 'staying on' for earn out periods it is clear that MNC is not for me. Have to do something more mea...
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New Member
I am an intelligent individual, who is somewhat desperate to go and see the world, and make a difference! Living in South Africa, I know the challenges of living and working in a developing country...
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New Member
After spending quite a few years marketing big businesses, I'm bringing my experience and insight to people who want to start or grow their own business. I'm all about finding simple, unique a...
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New Member
Service Designer at Made by Many
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New Member
Outgoing and openminded Business Development and Sales professional, experienced dealing with both big FTSE companies and running a start-up. I've just left a start-up in which I was a partner...
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New Member
I have a background in investments having worked 6 years with a global investment company and earning my CFA charter. Though, I'm not one dimensional - I love to travel, am passionate about entrep...
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New Member
Hi there, One year ago I felt trapped in my job and in my life and decided to quit everything to go travel in Asia. I'm now back from that amazing trip and I'm looking for opportunities in a dyn...
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New Member
I've been working in IT services for 15 years now and have grown sick of it. Software development seems to serve pointless purposes, or even worse, serves corporations who reduce their personnel wi...
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