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I'm at that age where I'm high up on the ladder like I'm supposed to be, but I really dislike the view. I'm an experienced real estate attorney with a background in nonprofit work. I sit in an of...
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Hi Everyone - I have lived overseas before, in Hong Kong for six years. I have had a long career working in fashion & product development allover the world. Although not pursuing another locatio...
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New Member
Running trips to Thailand this summer for Jewish students and young professionals interested in social justice, volunteering, and stopping the global sex trade of children
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New Member
Hi, I’m a Performance Improvement Consultant with 4+ years of strategy and supply chain experience. I’m looking for job opportunities in New York where I can utilize the skills I've developed while...
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New Member
Hello everyone, I am a Peformance Artist, Educator with a focus on incorporating the Arts in Health, Wellness and Life Skills, as well experience in Higher Education, Youth Development & Creative C...
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New Member
Irish guy living in Frankfurt for almost 8 years. I love living abroad and the lifestyle people have in Germany. I've been working in the Insurance IT/Ops sector for over 10 years during which time...
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New Member
Hi, Im Fiona, a Project Manager with experience in a digital agency. I'm looking for a job that involves travel, food or sport - three things that I am truly passionate about. I would like to devel...
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New Member
Advertising Art Director living and working in London & NYC. Always up for taking on new work and adventures.
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New Member
Entrepreneur, racker, daddy on a journey to share my vision for sales. Every sale is an opportunity to be Remarkable. 
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New Member
Hey ETC, I'm currently getting my MBA at the Harvard Business School and was in Management Consulting for 3.5 years before this. Recruiting is starting for the summer and I'm looking to avoid th...
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New Member
I set up my own internet business in 2009, and have been working at major tech companies since. I know the mind-boggling potential of technology, and have been privileged to work in - now well-esta...
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New Member
I'm a strategy consultant, author and entrepreneur. I run my own business city performance coaching which enables busy people to increase their energy and productivity without sacrificing their we...
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