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God Family Futbol NIU Alum
Connect with Cesar Bonilla
New Member
Hey there, I'm a current student at Northeastern University, concentrating in Marketing and Finance. I have extensive international experience and a passion to learn. I am looking to fulfill a co-o...
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New Member
I am a creative, energetic individual who thrives on challenging the status quo. A Chartered Accountant by trade, I look for challenges that unshackle me from Finance in the traditional sense, and ...
Connect with Alexis Read Escape Story
New Member
Hey everyone, I am a recent graduate taking part in a year long programme at the New Entrepreneurs Foundation which aims to equip young entrepreneurs with the hands-on experience, skills and networ...
Connect with Nemo
New Member
Hi everyone. I have 12 year experience in BI development, information governance and data quality issues, and now it's enough :) Currently starting new challenges in Coffee/healthy food industr...
Connect with Karlis Patjanko
New Member
Combatting stress with Form of Hope's Samantha
Connect with Samantha van Dalen
New Member
Head full of ideas. I am trying to turn myself from a thinker to a doer. Looking for anyone who is looking to take a risk on some far out ideas to some closer to home
Connect with Peter Saxton
New Member
Hello, I'm currently a London-based business journalist but I spent 2 years in Syria and Lebanon, working for local English-language publications, covering politics and human rights. I am looking t...
Connect with Simona Sikimic
New Member
Hello, I am currently a trainee accountant within Audit at Deloitte. My focus is on the Energy industry so most of my clients are in oil & gas, commodity trading, mining, etc. I plan to complete m...
Connect with Alastair Dean
New Member
Robert is a budding entrepreneur who loves helping people reach their goals in life and in business. Working in start ups to date has allowed Robert to build a wealth of experience and a&...
Connect with Robert John Jones
New Member
I'm a Economic Development Consultant who is currently working as an Analyst for a Fortune 500 company. I have experience working in development in Latin America and would absolutely love to work a...
Connect with Evan William Buckingham
New Member
food marketing guru and avid home chef and pickler with an insatiable appetite for adventure travel. open to all sorts of adventures, my ultimate goal is to continue on my journey of handstands aro...
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