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New Member
Robert is a budding entrepreneur who loves helping people reach their goals in life and in business. Working in start ups to date has allowed Robert to build a wealth of experience and a&...
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New Member
I'm a Economic Development Consultant who is currently working as an Analyst for a Fortune 500 company. I have experience working in development in Latin America and would absolutely love to work a...
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New Member
food marketing guru and avid home chef and pickler with an insatiable appetite for adventure travel. open to all sorts of adventures, my ultimate goal is to continue on my journey of handstands aro...
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New Member
I am a freelance PR consulant for cleantech / renewables companies, start-ups and social enterprises. I am looking to work with open-minded, innovative people and organisations who want to commu...
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New Member
Hello, I've recently left my job working in Internal Communications to pursue my dream of working with/in food. I'm particularly interested in food writing and social enterprise. Ideally, it w...
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New Member
Hi, I am a business adviser with 8 years of experience working with SMEs. The bulk of my experience has focussed on working with companies suffering from some form of distress, preparing for sale o...
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New Member
In everything I do I believe in the power of innovative ideas. I am a Senior Business Manager and MBA student (Open University Business School) with extensive experience (16 years) in fast-paced, ...
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New Member
Progressive greeny interested in politics, news & most stuff. Love my family, work, friends & bike. Wannabe yogi, till then I'm @SustainUNSW Director.
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New Member
With a background in Mass Communications, I've applied my writing/editing/proofreading skills to arts journalism, marketing, and e-commerce companies for over six years. This includes website ...
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New Member
Hi I have a background in Strategy and Operations having done Strategy Consultancy for 3 years and then worked at InterContinental Hotels Group for the last 5 years with an MBA at INSEAD somewhere...
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New Member
Hi there - i am a Food Marketing and Communications Specialist with 10 years experience in the food industry across Europe. I've got the itch to move abroad to Singapore before the year is out. A...
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New Member
Newly arrived in Shanghai following an amazing Round The World adventure. I spent the previous 5 years in a variety of financial roles on Wall Street requiring extensive analytical and interpersona...
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