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New Member
After getting my business administration degree, I worked for a wealth management firm for 2 years. But last summer I had a transforming experience in Silicon Valley, and thanks to ESC I met the mi...
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New Member
Currently an English teacher in Ukraine. In a former life, I worked in non-profits in Canada. Into learning, overcoming challenges and a big fan of lists. I would love to work with you on youth-dri...
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New Member
I have worked as a professional software developer for 7 years, guided several startups through angel investments, and managed development of a malaria diagnostic device. I want to find other tale...
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New Member
Food and drink professional with experience working with a range of clients across the hospitality, food and drink sectors, including both fine and casual dining concepts and boutique hotels. Ex...
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New Member
Hello all, I'm a University of Oregon Journalism alum, currently working as an English teacher in Prague, Czech Republic. I'm always looking for more work and networking opportunities in Europe and...
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New Member
Hello there! I'm starting my career in a consulting firm and I'd love to meet experienced people who follow their dreams through their jobs.
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a senior sports & leisure professional, with strong expirience in operational and business management. What am I babling about... work work work but is this really who I am ? They ...
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New Member
I have 7 years marketing experience gained from health & fitness, environmental and financial sectors. I have marketing and marine biology qualifications and am keen to use my skill and entrupenuri...
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New Member
live fast, live free, die happy.
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New Member
Photographer. CEO/Editor of unshredded magazine. Gin and cupcake lover. Penchant for rubber ducks and Britpop.
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New Member
My name is Mohammad Faizal and I work in the risk & compliance sector, in particular I have worked on some interesting anti money laundering projects involving screening customers against black...
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New Member
I'm a Management Consultant looking for more fulfilling work...
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