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New Member
Hi everyone! I'm a project lead in spatial information management (I oversee map creation and manage the associated data). While it's been an interesting career, I'm looking to get back into market...
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New Member
I'm a wedding and portrait photographer just starting out, having left my corporate role earlier this year. I'm really passionate about my new business, and love working for myself - I love to conn...
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New Member
I am motivated to help build sustainable, bio-diverse and efficient global food and agriculture systems. I recently graduated with an MSc in agricultural development economics and have been work...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a recent graduate in Public Health and Health Promotion. I'm interested in health promotion work, especially that which concerns children and obesity. I am also passionate about ...
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New Member
Hello, I am a freelancing Photo Producer based in Berlin. With 5 years of experience I can provide project management skills such as consulting, calculations, cost control, customer care. I am wo...
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New Member
I am a 9 to 5er and beyond. For those that like to watch Televison, I make sure that they get a good clear picture. For myself, when not riding my office chair, I like to be in the out doors. To ba...
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New Member
Feel free to get in touch if you want advice on becoming a photographer. I'm happy to help, having been through it all myself.
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New Member
I'm a 3rd year economics student graduating in Summer 2013 looking for a graduate role in a small company which makes a difference. Looking to take the initiative I have previous work experience in...
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New Member
TeachFirst teacher and Management consultant with Accenture. Always looking for exciting opportunities and always happy to give insights and network
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New Member
Hi! I'm a Canadian who's just browsing right now :) I hope everyone finds what they're looking for - because life sucks when you HATE your job ;) good luck!
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New Member
Hey everyone, my name is Alex Morman. I am a recent finance graduate from Morehouse College and looking for a new experience to embark on! I can assist you with community organizing and business lo...
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New Member
I am Katie. I am originally from Chicago and left a job in investment consulting to move to London. I am currently serving as the Marketing Director for Secret Compass and for The Founders Hive.
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