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Hi! Im an accesories designer, and have been working for large multinationals as a buyer and as a production manager. I escaped the corporate world and am now a MA in Applied Imagination at Central...
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New Member
Hi there, I worked in finance in London before leaving to pursue a tech startup in Barcelona. In the words of TechCrunch "Every few years someone tries to unseat the big social networks by creating...
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New Member
Hiya. I am a dreamer, adventurer and regular escaper, looking to escape permanently. I am looking for business opportunities where I can offer my Marketing & Communications skills. I ...
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New Member
Hello! I have recently completed my masters in Media, Communication and Development at the LSE. I am looking for international development sector opportunities in London related to communications a...
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New Member
I have worked in the finance sector for over 20 years and did not enjoy a single day of it. Left to pursue careers in the charity sector as a fundraiser but found for a number of reasons that this ...
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New Member
English Literature graduate with extensive experience working in literary agencies and publishing companies. Passionate about the arts, theatre, literature, and charity work. Excellent written and ...
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New Member
Italian by origin I came to London a couple of years ago, attracted by its international environment and unique opportunities. I work in financial regulation and despite being good at my job, I fee...
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New Member
Hi there. I'm a recent Masters graduate in International Relations with over six years experience in educational policy/strategy (as well as English language lecturing) and about 4 years advertisin...
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New Member
Hello, I am currently an Assistant Underwriter at a Lloyds syndicate in the City of London. I'm looking for a new opportunity to challenge and excite me. My passion is food, drink and restaurants,...
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New Member
Working with the Start-up Loans company I help people aged 18-30 start up in business by providing micro loans of up to £15,000 and access to a mentor. If you are looking for funding to start up...
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New Member
Hello, I'm a recent graduate from the University of Edinburgh with a 1:1 in French and Spanish, including two semesters abroad at the IEP Rennes and the Unversidad de Extremadura. I'm currently wor...
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New Member
I engaged in tourism and sailing charter. Seasonal, in the period May-October in the Perm. Rest of the time I am free and could be dealt with other work. Eating cum designer (specializing web des...
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