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New Member
I’m a IT / Web Project Manager with an experience of 4 years within digital communication and strategy. I have built my experience within the public sector for local authority and ministry. I’m loo...
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New Member
I do research into youth culture especially the role of technology in young people's lives. I am not looking for a job but for research partners who want to tell young people's stories from all...
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New Member
20-something who is developing her creative side while working alongside inspiring social start-ups. Photo-storytelling a life, an experience, an impact is what I love to do. I'm looking for socia...
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New Member
I'm Priya, a Californian/New Yorker who is currently living in Milan. I had my own escape back in 2011 when I left my corporate job to do some extended travel and take some time to focus on my inte...
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New Member
Hi there! I'm a marketing/finance manager turned photographer. A while back I decided to do what I love and didn't regret it since. I am currently living in New York where I am atten...
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New Member
Events Manager, living (and loving) North London, mainly tweets whilst bored (explains a lot...)
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New Member
I am an Australian Lawyer who has worked in financial services compliance and am looking for the path out. I would like to build my own house, continue to travel the world, go on a sailing adventur...
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New Member
Hi, I am a chartered accountant by training and an entrepreneur by design. I spent 4 years at KPMG working with mining clients before starting and selling my first start-up. I now work in the inte...
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New Member
I am a Digital Project Manager with over 14 years experience in Online Publishing and Social Media. Strategies and new ventures are my passion. Currently working as a Digital Manager in the film in...
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New Member
They say that the quietest people have the loudest minds! If you can't find me in London, you're likely to find me buried in a good book, or adventuring the world... whilst trying to take on that...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a Captain in the Army with 6 years of leadership and management experience. I'm due to leave the Army in the next 2 months and looking for opportunities abroad for a few months as ...
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New Member
I am enterpreneurial, love communication and art, the outdoors, and bringing positive change to the world. Right now i am in intern in journalism, and would like to step up my work in the media wor...
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