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Hi! I am a marketer turned holistic nutritionist with a passion for food and travel. 
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Greetings, as mentioned above my name is Mario and to be brief I am an ex international professional athlete who holds a B.A in Business Administration Marketing and recently received my M.A in Bus...
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New Member
I have a beach / surfer mentality, but live a corporate life. Both have fantastic traits - but they are extremely different worlds. I'm interested in hearing how other people manage professio...
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New Member
Despite never having needed to escape the city, here I am. In a past life I taught for (almost) five years after training through the Teach First program, working in both London and Manchester. ...
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New Member
I'm a life passion and purpose coach helping overwhelmed optimists create their own rules for happiness and success. I'm looking for ways to expand my audience and raise the common level of conscio...
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New Member
Management consultant on the hunt for new and different opportunities. Currently building a social snowsports start-up to help people have find the best places to ski and snowboard and experience t...
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New Member
I'm a maverick spirit stuck in a "Dilbert" corporate world looking to contribute my real talents with a status-quo busting organization that is fire-breathing passionate about making the world a be...
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New Member
Hi there,I am a Psychotherapist/Counsellor and I am looking to expand my services into London.I would like some support in how to best advertise (funds are limited).  I would like to star...
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New Member
I left corporate life in 2001, as a PLC director, to start my first business, in direct marketing. Since then, I have not only started (and still run) several businesses, but I have also helped pe...
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New Member
I am a social media fundi who runs her own company in Cape Town.I managed brands online :)
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New Member
Student graduating December 2012 looking to get involved with an exciting internet or mobile startup before starting in June 2013 as an investment banker in Technology, Media & Telecom. Eager to go...
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New Member
Recent graduate of the University of Rochester. I'm currently backpacking across America (perhaps the world). I've traveled extensively and worked largely in the field of law and politics.
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