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New Member
I am a freelance retoucher, working internationally and specializing in Fashion & Beauty retouching.I believe in self-education, testing and love to what you do. Also I am amateur photogra...
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New Member
entrepreneur, founder, lawyer, environmentalist, messer. Commercial/Operations guy at @soundwavehq
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New Member
Hi there, I've worn a few hats in my time so far. From aid work in warzones, to policy and strategy writing for Southend on Sea. I've tried and tried and I just can't bring myself to be happy wit...
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New Member
Hi there...Got as various skills as masters degree in media, editing tv/films, camera-work, website moderating, construction, cultural work, writing, social working...Always looking for good team w...
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New Member
I am a student from Latvia, I am studying multimedia communications, I have visited almost every country in central Europe, now I would really like to go to another continent, especially Asia, beca...
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New Member
Hi, I'm a young professional that just moved to Rio de Janeiro and Iam looking for a job opportunity! I have 2 years experience as Product Marketing Manager for big companies such as EA, and smalle...
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New Member
Hi. I am living in london currently exploring the intersections between music, art, design thinking and social enterprise. Gangster with MakeSense with a day job in a property investment company. E...
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New Member
Hi fellow escapers! I'm a business analyst / project manager working for an investment bank for the last 6 years. Before that I was an accountant for a telecoms firm studying and working my way thr...
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New Member
Global explorer, inspirer, & connector. Freelance travel/event creation and management. Adventure Architect at Inspiring Adventures. Lover of social enterprise, yoga & dark chocolate. Alway...
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New Member
Aviation consultant with an excellent African business network looking for business development/facilitation roles in the aviation industry. Co-founder of Pan African Women in Aviation. Ment...
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New Member
Code underpins every digital product we interact with in our daily lives. An understanding of code is vital to an understanding of the world we live in and essential to having meaningful conversati...
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New Member
I founded the Underground Book Club. A free magazine for commuters offering opening chapters of new books to read as an alternative to Metro. I'm currently on the Civil Service Technology graduate...
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