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New Member
I am a trilingual young professional (English, Spanish, French) currently leading and supporting public relations and communications goals for clients in the healthcare/pharmaceutical and entertain...
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New Member
Marketing and comms professional with eight years experience. Escaped from the corporate world in 2010 to begin a new life in an entrepreneurial, fast-growing travel business. Now head up marketing...
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New Member
I'm a Commercial Specialist currently working in the nuclear engineering sector. I am looking for challenging opportunities in the Construction and Engineering sectors in the North West or abroad. ...
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New Member
I'm a former investment banker from Colombia with 4+ years of experience in Latin America. I'm looking for opportunities in start-ups or Small Enterprises abroad. If you're looking for opportunitie...
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New Member
I've actually been a perpetual "escapee" my whole life -finding my passion for nature and the outdoors while growing up in Canada, studying Conservation and Outdoor Recreation at College, traveling...
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New Member
- I am an Engineer specializing in Information Technology who loves to do Sales and Marketing and also has experience with Life Coaching and facilitating - I am currently looking for Sales and Mar...
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New Member
Hi, I 'escaped' the city moving from business development within the legal arena to working in social business in Bangladesh. I'm now studying Global Health and Development with a view to bring pr...
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New Member
My name is Joseph, and I'm a writer and editor. In recent years, I have edited an online travel magazine, helped produce two international travel blogging conferences, worked backstage at fashion s...
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New Member
I am a photographer based in Charlotte, NC and I thoroughly enjoy what I do. I would like to connect with like minded individuals who have a passion for what they do, want to change the world in th...
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New Member
Social Enterprise projects and ideas. Socent in Spanish. Former @GuardianSocent and @Unltd Currently @THNK_org @Emprendedor_Soc
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New Member
Happy to connect with people who have an interest in fashion! Other than that, anyone who likes what we do, feel free to get in touch - I love to meet with passionate people!
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New Member
Hi, I am Laxmi. Am an experienced international marketer. Looking for roles where I can leverage my background and experience for your organisation.
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