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Action Tutoring is an exciting new education initiative looking for bright and enthusiastic people to volunteer as a tutor for an hour a week for 8 weeks, supporting pupils in inner city London sch...
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New Member
After 10 years in banking, I've (maybe temporarily) escaped office life and setup a Mobile apps development company. Looking to meet like minded people and consulting opportunities. I can help o...
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New Member
I AM THE NUMBERS part of the business and want to help you. But I'm not your stereotypical bean counter; I like working with a business, understanding what they do, and helping them do it better. I...
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New Member
A native of Silicon Valley here, working at a startup nonprofit where I'm helping the organization to grow across California. I'm hoping to move to London to dive into the social entrepreneurship a...
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New Member
I am an experienced real-world business professional who has operated in numerous sectors in the UK and abroad and who wants to get stuck into making a big difference to an exciting and ...
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New Member
Hy everyone; I am young and passionate; and I am at the hedge of getting a bachelor of applied science. I am looking for some adventurous opportunities, sportive ones would be my favourites. Drop...
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New Member
Hia, I'm a Business Analyst looking for a fresh horizon. My dream is to pursue a career in Australia someday! Hopefully soon. In the meantime, I have an idea to set up a language programme abroad. ...
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New Member
I love the outdoors, love food and am addicted to hospitality ventures. I would like to meet with someone who wants to be engaged in the French food industry and wants to bring or send great produ...
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New Member
Hi Everyone, I'm a financial professional with five years of experience. I'm looking for job opportunities in the recruiting or human resources field in the LA area. Please feel free to email me.
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New Member
Global vagabond; Co-Founder & CEO of @echoerapp and Co-Founder of @lastnightapp; occasional thoughts at mycrazylife.me.
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New Member
I'm starting up a social enterprise that aims to enthuse & educate adults about technology. I believe that adults today are becoming increasingly complacent about our need to understand tech. We ne...
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New Member
I am a young motivated B.A with experience in a number of complementary sectors. From export development to startups, I have proven my value added to a number of different organizations. Freshly ho...
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