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New Member
I love the outdoors, love food and am addicted to hospitality ventures. I would like to meet with someone who wants to be engaged in the French food industry and wants to bring or send great produ...
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New Member
Hi Everyone, I'm a financial professional with five years of experience. I'm looking for job opportunities in the recruiting or human resources field in the LA area. Please feel free to email me.
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New Member
Global vagabond; Co-Founder & CEO of @echoerapp and Co-Founder of @lastnightapp; occasional thoughts at mycrazylife.me.
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New Member
I'm starting up a social enterprise that aims to enthuse & educate adults about technology. I believe that adults today are becoming increasingly complacent about our need to understand tech. We ne...
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New Member
I am a young motivated B.A with experience in a number of complementary sectors. From export development to startups, I have proven my value added to a number of different organizations. Freshly ho...
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New Member
Hi I'm Gabriel, I'm 25 and work as a management consultant in one of the big four in London. I've learnt a lot in my job but I know it's not what I want to do.In 2014 I'm looking for adve...
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New Member
Hi, everybody! I'd love to spend some time in Miami Beach, FL, USA. I have years of experience in tech industry in Brazil and would like to contribute to some new ventures around here.
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New Member
Hi, I am a multilingual banking professional seeking new opportunities outside europe. I am a team player who likes to manage projects. I am open to new challenges specially in spanish or englis...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I am a finance professional with 5 years trading experience at a major US IB. More recently been working at a start up VC, analysing business plans, modelling cash-flows for start ups ...
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New Member
Hi, I'm 28, from Ireland. London-based strategy consultant (5 years) + a little investment banking (1 year) and a few short experiences of working with charities, interested in exploring social ent...
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New Member
I have been working in real estate in London for a number of years and, like many other escapees, have always had a niggling feeling that life had more to offer and I have more to offer back (chees...
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New Member
Hello, I'm Joe, a 21 year old Graphic Designer/Social Media whizzkid with over five years industry experience. I am looking for something completely out of the ordinary to push my life's boundar...
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