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New Member
Hi! I'm young and creative professional from Russia. Here I'm looking for inspiration and for opportunities to change my life.
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New Member
Hello fellow Esc users, I work in Business Development for an on-line start-up and am always interested in networking with entrepreneurs. I am passionate about innovation and new business ideas and...
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New Member
After six years working in the treasury and forex trading department in a small German bank, I started a new career in business consultancy sector in the beginning of 2012. The actua...
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New Member
I have more than ten years of experience in private equity and finance with an emphasis on renewable energy. From my employers I always got the feedback that I was an entrepreneurial person. So I d...
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New Member
I am currently pursuing an MBA with a focus on marketing and product development. Previously, I worked as an engineer, with 6 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. I am interested in w...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I am Kunal Haria. I have been a technology professional for 8 years and am looking to use my techie background to bring about some change. Also i am an avid travel buff, so if you have...
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New Member
Ex lawyer with 6 years commerical litigation experience turned trainee Pilates teacher. Qualifying with Body Control Pilates (REPS Level 3) in January 2013. Looking into starting up Pilates and Per...
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New Member
Hi, I am a former investment banker and recent graduate of Chicago Booth. I am looking to join a growth stage business in a financial/fundraising/strategic capacity. I still provide M&A advisory ...
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New Member
Project Manager and Site Manager on the London 2012 Olympic Park. Now working on Delivery and Operation on the ITU World Series Triathlon in Auckland, NZ. Prior to the Olympics I spent 7 years work...
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New Member
I'm a digital consultant in the search of a new challenge and help to develop a business idea. 
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New Member
I'm looking for a job which challenges me yet allows me to live in the French Alps. I have experience of starting 2 successful companies and am looking for a start-up or growing company who need a ...
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New Member
Experience in management, marketing, branding, sales and operations for small-mid range entrepreneurial businesses both in the UK and Kenya. Looking to use my skills in a more socially orientated c...
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