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If anyone want to come and help us plant and take care of baby trees in the Amazon rainforest, in the North of Brazil, we are glad to welcome you. Food and lodging in hammocks are free! Or, if anyo...
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New Member
Hi all, I'm a starting out entrepreneur with a background in marketing, strategic restructuring and accounting. I love technology and sports and am looking for a partner for a charity that expands...
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New Member
I am an environmentally conscious, creative, goal oriented person who loves to give back more than I take.  I am looking to go to remote areas of the world and assist those in need.
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New Member
I started a food business in 2012 which was a huge lesson in understanding what it takes to succeed!I took on a part-time role working for BIS as an Entrepreneur in Residence in 2013 which has...
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New Member
I am building a technology based company which serves winter sport tourists. I'm looking to meet smart and interested people who can assist me with anything from captivating ...
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New Member
1) I'm a 27yr old business grad originally from New Zealand passionate about music, travel, sport, and escaping my current job for one that encourages and rewards creativity and hard work. 2) I'm ...
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New Member
Hello! I'm a trainee journalist at City University in London. I'm interested in female entrepreneurs in the city. If anyone would like to share their knowledge and advice on starting up a busine...
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New Member
I escaped a corporate job in January 2012. Spent the next several months travelling and reassessing. A year later I began a PhD program in Ecological Economics. I can help by sharing my story and...
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New Member
Hi Fellow Esc'ers. A few words about me: I am a curious, versatile and entrepreneurially minded young French professional. I am passionate about the F&B/hospitality world and&nbs...
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New Member
In essence, I am an innovator (self; service; social). I like to help both employees as well organizations to grow. I am looking for organizations who are open to new approaches and who want to be...
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New Member
Hi, I'm Olly and I work in corporate finance in the city. I am looking to take my 8 years of accounting and finance experience to a startup/growth company. I am happy to get stuck in and take on an...
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Founder @Languatica | @Forbes contributor | #startup culture fuel passion | Pura Vida | 30+ countries traveled is not enough.
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