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New Member
My name is lars, currently living Hamburg (Germany) but have lived in 5 different countries in the last four years!I am looking for interesting start-ups around the world to work with them, more pr...
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New Member
Hi, I'm an environmentalist with over 8 years experience in environmental and ecological consultancy. Looking to do something completely new and become an entrepreneur, setting up a business soon a...
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New Member
Hi Everyone, I am a recent Accounting graduate working in retail management. I do not feel like this is something I would like to do forever.
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New Member
After 5 years in consulting, I took a 7-month sabbatical to slow travel around Europe. Upon coming back, I quit my job, and started an independent publishing & lifestyle company, GiveLiveExplore. I...
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New Member
Hi everyone! I am looking for job opportunities that would suit my job experiences. I have Customer & Technical Support Representative experience. Taught English through online. Been a Barista too....
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New Member
I have 7 years of marketing experience for leading international broadcasters such as Discovery, BBC and Disney. However, I've realized I'm not a corporate creature at heart and I'm looking for a n...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I’m an Audit Professional with 18 years experience, rounded out with 5 plus years in IT project management and worldwide reporting. I’m looking for job opportunities in audit, risk ma...
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New Member
Ideas & concepts from Damian Davila. Ecuatoriano thriving in Hawaii. @AnthologyGroup AM. Marketer & Blogger. Papi of GoodOrBadEmail.com & idaconcpts.com.
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New Member
Hi everyone, I recently escaped from a 3 1/2 year job as a Lettings Negotiator in which I had never built the passion. I decided to (wo)man up and take the plunge to pursue a much dreamt about care...
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New Member
Feel free to get in touch and ask any questions www.designmynight.com/contact-us
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New Member
I'm a writer with four years experience of writing travel advice for backpackers, adventurers and those curious to learn about other places. I am currently writing advice for people who want to mov...
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New Member
I would like to get people out on our expeditions, to challenge themselves and find out what they are capable of. I firmly believe that these expeditions are enormously liberating and life-changing...
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