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New Member
I would be happy to network with anyone who is setting up a business. We could easily grab a coffee or glass of wine and chat through experiences and challenges. It's the best way to learn and to g...
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New Member
I'm a South African based in London with experience in marketing and news broadcasting, looking for opportunities to combine the two
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New Member
Loads of City start-ups and 'jumpers' contact us for a chat. We'd be more than happy for your members to do that. We can also offer people advertising on our Boutique Business page.
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New Member
Happy to help other Escape the City members in any way that I can! Be it about making the brave decision to leave a city job, moving into the not for profit sector, starting up an online business o...
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New Member
Check out my linkedin / background / online presence. If you think I can help, send me a specific email and I'll see what I can do.
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New Member
I am a City escapee working in sales for a small family owned brewery. I am looking broaden my horizons. I can help any aspiring escapees who might want to work in booze.
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New Member
Hi, I am an investment banker (6-7 years of experience) who studied mechanical engineering. I am looking for opportunities in funded start-ups (preferably but not limited to the web and tech sector...
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New Member
I'm an Oxbridge Graduate, Big 4 ACA prizewinnner with a background in M&A, Corporate Finance and Commercial Business Partnering in both Professional Services and Blue Chip Companies. I'm looking fo...
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New Member
London based private equity investor with over 6 years experience in corporate finance and direct investment. Previously trained as a chartered accountant with Grant Thornton and holds a Masters d...
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New Member
Help your way around the world. Free volunteering abroad with globalhelpswap. Volunteer & travel & see the world like a local.
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New Member
Investment Analyst/Manager with nearly a decade's experience in London's financial district who moved to be an Impact Investment Professional with a non-profit in India. Looking to stay in social e...
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New Member
My goal in life is to leave the earth a little better than how I found it. I'm currently learning about permaculture design and sustainable tourism so I can build a better travel experience. Co-Fou...
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