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Feel free to get in touch and ask any questions www.designmynight.com/contact-us
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New Member
I'm a writer with four years experience of writing travel advice for backpackers, adventurers and those curious to learn about other places. I am currently writing advice for people who want to mov...
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New Member
I would like to get people out on our expeditions, to challenge themselves and find out what they are capable of. I firmly believe that these expeditions are enormously liberating and life-changing...
Connect with Ian Couch Read Escape Story
New Member
I can certainly offer some encouragement and of course a place to stay if they are looking to move to north west Devon! I am always happy to offer what little advice I can - whats it really like mo...
Connect with Penny Mills Read Escape Story
New Member
Hi, I'm a Data Science/Quantitative Finance professional with 4+ years experience. I have extensive experience gleaning statistical information out of large data sets, and am looking for job oppor...
Connect with Madaliso Mulaisho
New Member
Hi, I am a Telecom professional and a life coach. I am a technology person by training and by the love of things I really want to do and love doing - I am a life coach, a calligrapher, a painter. I...
Connect with Anila
New Member
I'm a Marketing Brand Manager with a background in Economics. I'm looking to take my corporate project management experience and refocus back into the economics and micro-financing industry. Very e...
Connect with Malaika Judd
New Member
Hi all, I worked for more than 14 years in the civil service, last 8 years on director level. Now I am running my own one-person-consultancy and am looking for interesting people who want to streng...
Connect with Thomas Helmke
New Member
Martin from Hamburg, escaped from banking, now an entrepreneur in marketing, food and media, looking for like-minded people. Always willing to help others escape, be it by providing my network or ...
Connect with Martin Schupeta
New Member
Hi I am in-house lawyer with 9 years corporate/commercial experience. I am looking to break into international arbitration in London or abroad and am interested in speaking to anyone who can provi...
Connect with Joe
New Member
I would be happy to network with anyone who is setting up a business. We could easily grab a coffee or glass of wine and chat through experiences and challenges. It's the best way to learn and to g...
Connect with Caroline Dean Read Escape Story
New Member
Hi all. I'm a transportation engineer with 9 years experience in aviation and strong knowledge about railways and their operation. Nowadays in the finance trading industry but tired of it. I'm look...
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