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Hello all, I'm a Program Director at the Green Burial Council's, a non-profit organization focused on environmental sustainability in the deathcare industry. In addition, I'm the founder and presi...
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New Member
First Class Astrophysics Graduate & Surf Instructor. Never again to waste away in an office...
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New Member
Compulsive Smiler; Knowledge Junkie; Tech Addict; Wantrapreneur; Procurement Pro; Total Nerd
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New Member
7 years' experience at a Big 4 firm and currently providing corporate finance advice to the NHS. Training at a coach and planning to escape into youth and family coaching while also putting the ba...
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New Member
Currently working as a Planning Consultant for a niche consultancy called The Storytellers. Happy where I am but enjoy bouncing business ideas around. Love adventure travel. I use this site for ins...
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New Member
Get people out of their bubbles, to challenge themselves and find out what they are capable of, anywhere on the planet. I truly believe that these experiences are enormously liberating and life-cha...
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New Member
I am an outgoing, energetic and enthusiastic team player, whose capabilities cover a broad spectrum, encompassing property, leisure and tourism. I am passionate about mountains and coasts and parti...
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New Member
Investment analyst turned spa guru...
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New Member
I provide personal coaching to people who want to change their life and career. At the same time I look for artists/literature agents/publishers to turn my script "And Who Are You?" (www.truthfulle...
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New Member
Hello there. I'm a content producer and editor with 7 years experience. I write copy, produce video and audio and have specialist film knowledge. I'm looking for job ops in editorial and media prod...
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New Member
Value provider, originally from the UK, making it happen in Thailand
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New Member
Hi folks, I'm a Certified Accountant (CCI) with 10 years German tax law, auditing and consulting experience. At the moment I work as a volunteer in Christchurch, New Zealand - rebuilding some gaps ...
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