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New Member
Hey Escapees, I've been a Management Consultant and prior to that, I've been working with major corporations in the utilities sector. Right now I am working on various projects, one being an automa...
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New Member
Hi there! I'm a communications consultant with a decade's experience supporting board-level executives with their communications strategies. I've got particular experience in the technology & profe...
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New Member
Former Corporate Lawyer for BigLaw turned fashion entrepreneur. I recently founded The Designer Lookbook, a website that promotes emerging and independent fashion designers.
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New Member
Hello, I have 7 years of experience in international marketing. I'm also a climbing instructor and keen. Currently I'm starting up a company around my main passion, which is rock climbing.
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New Member
I'm happy to provide tips/advice for online brand-building, social media strategies, travel and blogging. I'm also happy to speak about my transition and conduct seminars/workshops on blogging (beg...
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New Member
I am a HR-Manager at a tech start up making rich affordable, online content for small to medium enterprises. I am looking to escape the city at some point, but for now I am OK here in Amsterdam. I ...
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New Member
Hi, I'm Sam. Having spent 4 years working within financial services operations I am looking to make my break into marketing. Ive got a wealth of transferable skills (highly analytical, with researc...
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New Member
I'm a talented digital marketer with experience across IT, charity and financial services sectors and an unstoppable passion for the food and drinks industry.I’m looking for freelance/contract work...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a recent business graduate, currently working with an Austrian startup in Vienna. I just started a blog - which I will name you as soon as I filled it with one or two words ;) If y...
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New Member
Fortune 500 background in banking, human resources, global mobility, vendor management, risk mitigation and staffing solutions. My current project is nearing its completion, looking for a new chall...
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New Member
I currently work for a Financial PR firm and I am interested in working in a managerial role within a retail business.
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New Member
Mentoring and coaching for others that are looking to take a similar leap.
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