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Mentoring and coaching for others that are looking to take a similar leap.
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New Member
National account for Korean Consumer Electronics in Italy. I'm about running a startup with my fellows MBAs in Milan. I really don't know if we will be successuful or not but we feel energy and wil...
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New Member
I'm Australian, living in Tel Aviv. I'm a science communicator with 10 years experience, and now I'm doing a few things: freelance science communication work, and I've joined a startup called CasaV...
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New Member
We'd be happy to talk to anyone launching or thinking of launching a start-up and will do anything we can to help either through advice or putting them in touch with people.
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New Member
Management consultant looking to build a new life in the north. Avid traveller and wild cat enthusiast!
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New Member
Hello All, I have been a management consultant, worked at a start-up, worked in industry and I just completed an MBA at INSEAD. I am currently looking for a new challenge in which I will be able t...
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New Member
...an Adventurer with a penchant for programming, writing, and starting businesses.
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New Member
Hi, I'm a corporate banker based in Ireland with 4 years experience in Ireland and the UK managing lending, cash management and treasury for corporates and large SME's. I'm interested in start-up t...
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New Member
I'm an ex-investment banker turned professional travel blogger. In addition to my luxury travel blog, Velvet Escape, I'm the founder of iambassador (a marketing company that utilises the skills and...
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New Member
Hi all. I'm a magazine editor with five years' experience writing for corporates, the trade press and consumers, currently working on travel and not-for-profit titles. I write daily short stories a...
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New Member
Who am I? Someone who goes always straight o the point and tell no stories or lies! Poliedric & versatile! Passionate of cooking and wines Escaped from routine job I'm looking for challanges t...
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