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JIM HOFFMAN Palm Harbor, Florida 34684 jhoffmanwhiz@verizon.net jhoffman123@live.com jkmhoffman@yahoo.com jkmhoffman@gmail.com 727-785-8361 visit me at the following sites: http://www...
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New Member
Hola all, I'm a versatile self-starter with experience in the fashion, entertainment, and travel industries. I am looking for interesting opportunities where I can contribute my knowledge in an ope...
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New Member
I am happy to provide consulting services to other start-ups.
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New Member
Hi, I am a market analyst with 2 years experience working on global strategic development and commercial growth within a loyalty management company. I am looking for a job in London to do with eit...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm an UX designer, looking for new experiences in video production, multimedia and digital startups (maybe outside of France). I can help somebody to think about digital strategy (co...
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New Member
Hi there! I am looking for an aim-orientied job maybe even with an impact on society; I´ve worked in the field of org. development, controlling and coaching, but the future can bring sth. different...
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New Member
Escaped 10-years of finance and started an online travel & leisure venture. Active mentor to start-ups, and open to new & interesting opportunities.
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New Member
Due to a change in personal circumstances meaning I've remembered that my real dream was to work in the music industry and not (as I thought it was) run my own online retail business, I am now putt...
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New Member
Media/Tech management consultant (4 years). Wannabe developer. Keen to move abroad.
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New Member
Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This is my mission as a business development consultant. Co-founded my first business (www.best-gh.com) after working in the banking and insurance sector. I am pass...
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New Member
Personal Trainer and ongoing adventure seeker! Proud member of Team Boatylicious, an all-girl crew who will be rowing across the Pacific Ocean in June 2014.
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New Member
Hi, I am a furniture/product designer also with experience in travel. I am looking to working in South East Asia or Africa in a design or hosting/travel organiser position.
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