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Entrepreneur and CEO confidant at Xinfu and The World of CEOs. Connect if you want to help some of the world's best CEOs build companies that sustainably win in the right way, build a bridge be...
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We want to change the world by bringing soil back to health and making it more productive. In doing this we are placing ourselves and Nova Scotia at the very heart or the sweet spot of the ‘generat...
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Hi everyone, I’m a equity research analyst with 8 years at a US bulge-bracket investment bank. I’m looking for opportunities in Technology or Internet start-ups in London. I’d love to have a chat w...
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I am a professional accountant and working mom of two little beautiful girls. I am passionate about small businesses/ social ventures. I dream of starting my own business one day as I have had enou...
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Hi, I'm a Newcastle University Geography graduate working for Secret Compass. I'm hoping to become a full time Expedition Leader and writer. Love Adventure, travel and sport. Travelled to 32 count...
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Hi everyone, I’m a 25 year old Main Accountant in Internet - Company (I know everything about budgeting, planning, forecasting, KPI). I speak English and Russian. I'm looking for U.S. or London j...
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Well if you're looking for excellent and eco-friendly streetwear to make the transition from suits easier.
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Hey Everyone, I´m a veterinarian with a PhD in Virology and me and my husband (IT professional) are looking for a medical/IT- related job in a company/trust (worldwide) with vision and values. Drop...
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A beautiful farm, a fantastic #outdoor #venue for all your #Corporate #Events, #Weddings, #Stag & #Hen parties & more! Plus Farm based #Team #Building! Awesome!
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I would be more than happy to speak to anyone about my experiences and share my story. I would also love to meet with anyone who is interested in potentially leaving the City and working in charity...
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Travel-obsessed Kiwi, 65+ countries, living a non-conventional life, fitting in contracting between travel, festivals, photography and the odd bit of writing.
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I'm always available on email (info@5aside.org) to answer any questions at all; whether they be about starting a business or the most effective 5-a-side tactics to give your company team the edge.W...
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