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New Member
I'm currently working as an international project manager for an internet based charity and have nearly 4 years of work experience across a lot of different sectors (Travel, Music, TV Broadcas...
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New Member
I'm a freelance journalist, copywriter and editor. I've worked as a travel writer and trained as an actress and presenter. I'm looking for copywriting work, travel writing assignments and TV presen...
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New Member
I'm a Psychologist with tonnes of travel experience. I'd love to make my job one that involves travelling to remote and interesting places, appreciating nature, people, cultures and the amazing bea...
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New Member
Design manager; print manager; illustrator
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New Member
I am a freelance illustrator with 2 years experience in the visual arts, communications and curating field. I would love to help any other members in need of image making or visually communicating ...
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New Member
I've been teaching Geography for 8 years and I think it's time for a change. I want a job where I don't have a bell ringing every 45 minutes, dictating my day. I would love to spend more time out...
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New Member
12 years in IT and consulting specialising in change management. Looking for new opportunities which allow me to have a real impact, on the bottom line or on the world. I have good networks in c...
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New Member
Education Producer at General Assembly. Happy to chat about education and job opportunities for Esc members looking to get involved in technology or internet start-ups in London.
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New Member
I am more than happy to help other Escapees in any way I can (apart from lend them money!)
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New Member
Hello! I'm Liliya Vesnina from Russia, Sochi city. I'm 53 years old and around 3 years ago I retired. From long time I dreaming to work with animals .... For over 20 years I worked in the publishi...
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New Member
I'd be happy to discuss any elements of the start-up phase with someone about to embark on going alone, or help anyone who is at the ideas stage.
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New Member
I am a chartered accountant with an entrepreneurial desire. I wish to move off the path of the corporate ladder, into the zone where lateral thinkers flourish.
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