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To start with, if anyone wants to experience an expedition in the truest sense of the word, then get in touch.Furthermore, we are already looking to expand, and we have opportunities for expedition...
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New Member
Ehi everyone! I am Ukrainian PR specialist currently working as brand manager in a start-up project. I have passion for photography, non-formal learning, social projects, creating and inspiring … I...
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New Member
I want new adventures around the world. Max year-long contracts. I am passionate about learning, new challenges and pushing myself in new directions. Coming to the end of MSc in Conservation. 8 yea...
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New Member
I'm specialist of PR and business development... surfer... But I want to live in New Zealand and grow alpacas for wool... If you are interesting in - life, traveling and business in Russia or in...
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New Member
I am an experienced expedition leader and high risk consultant who specialises in designing, planning and leading pioneering expeditions around the world. I am happy to help other members with ...
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New Member
Hi, I'm currently an innovation consultant, working with FTSE 100 companies to build and launch new ventures. I also spent a number of years working in Innovation at Cancer Research UK. I'm looki...
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New Member
After almost 10 years of work experience I'm ready to leave everything behind and start my "around-the-world" journey to escape from the office, big city, consumerism and corporative politics. I st...
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New Member
A qualified accountant with some experience in banking. Passionate about using technology to solve the pain of UK taxpayers.
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New Member
Hello ecapees! I'm HR with 8 years experience working in Russia. I just like this idea and support it! And of course I'm open for interesting opportunities
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New Member
I am an advertising professional with over 6yrs experience looking for a more fulfilling career that will bring me a real sense of pride. I have a passion for travel and am interested in doing some...
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New Member
Corporate lawyer looking to make a change!
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New Member
I work for a leading Mexican tourism company that receives Russian-speaking tourists mainly. I'm their representative in Russia and Europe, based in Moscow. Right now I'm searching for candidates w...
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