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New Member
Hello ecapees! I'm HR with 8 years experience working in Russia. I just like this idea and support it! And of course I'm open for interesting opportunities
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New Member
I am an advertising professional with over 6yrs experience looking for a more fulfilling career that will bring me a real sense of pride. I have a passion for travel and am interested in doing some...
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New Member
Corporate lawyer looking to make a change!
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New Member
I work for a leading Mexican tourism company that receives Russian-speaking tourists mainly. I'm their representative in Russia and Europe, based in Moscow. Right now I'm searching for candidates w...
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New Member
I'm a photographer from Ukraine with a great wish to travel around the North.
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New Member
Hi! I'm originally Ukrainian, lived for some time in Amsterdam and now have started all over almost from scratch again, studying design at School of Form in Poznan, Poland.
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New Member
I became a member in 2010 and have changed my life dramatically since! I can help other members by sharing my story, supporting them and show that nothing is impossible. I would also like to contri...
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New Member
I'm a Project Communication Manager and Customer Care Specialist with 9 years experience. Also a musician, and writer. Looking forward to each and every possibility to escape the city :)
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New Member
Salut from Russia, I am an Editor-in-Chief for a teenage magazine with 5 years of experience in publishing and creating the content for both printed and on-line media. But I would like to change my...
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New Member
I am an editor-in-chief of “My Udmurtia” (www.myudm.ru ) - one of the main information portals in our entire republic. I also anchor featured programs on both the television and radio, and write f...
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New Member
I worked as a global product manager in the medical device business. I managed products for diabetics using an insulin pump, so I know a lot about the therapy and medical background as well.I ...
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New Member
Hi, I'm the CIO of a international company in the financial industry. I'm looking for a Job as CEO, COO or CIO in an emerging market. I have strong leadership, organisational and technology skills.
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