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New Member
Able to work under pressure and excellent team work. Multi-task ability. Excellent comunicator and able to create great confidence with customers using both informal and formal speach. Confident...
Connect with Raul Alexandre Valle
New Member
Hi, I've got 3 years experience on a FTSE 100 Graduate scheme, specialising in Marketing and Market Insight research work. I am very keen to look at opportunities where I can have more passion and ...
Connect with Jessica Williams
New Member
Hello! I have always worked in Marketing and Communications for international charities which is lots of fun. I'm always looking to meet people in the more commercial world or other charities who l...
Connect with Meriel Flint
New Member
Hi everyone, I have a background in law and worked as a solicitor in London for six years. I really wasn't a fan and for that reason quit last year to pursue my lifelong passion of sailing. I took ...
Connect with Henry Burkitt Read Escape Story
New Member
Hi everyone, I am currently a Freelance HR Project Consultant, with 7 years experience across the Financial Sector. I have a head full of ideas and boundless enthusiasm to change the world of work ...
Connect with Talia Blanckenberg
New Member
Entrepreneur, consultant and part-time lecturer. Founder of The Bridge (we help people build better futures using start-up and enterprise principles in their own life - ranging from school leavers ...
Connect with Tom Hickman
New Member
I am more than happy to help with advice on starting your own business and on watching out for the pitfalls, as well as mentoring.
Connect with Henrietta MacEwen Read Escape Story
New Member
Hi, I've been working in Finance and Operations for the last few years for NGOs in Africa and am looking for interesting opportunities in the same field, or perhaps something new. I've proposal and...
Connect with Sarah Jane Jackson
New Member
The project I'm working on at the moment is all about helping to support female entrepreneurs (well, all entrepreneurs really!) so I'm happy to hear from anyone looking for entrepreneurial advice. 
Connect with Carrie Green Read Escape Story
New Member
I'm a keen networker, connector, and coffee addict - so if anyone buys me a coffee I'm always happy to have a quick chat.
Connect with Rob Wilson Read Escape Story
New Member
Hello, I'm a former corporate lawyer now working in film and TV as a script editor and producer. More than happy to answer any questions or give advice to anyone thinking of doing the same.
Connect with Deanne Cunningham Read Escape Story
New Member
I'd be very happy to talk about the logistics of escaping! There were lots of practical things - from staying in touch with former clients/customers while being away for a year, through to starting...
Connect with Jon Cousins Read Escape Story