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New Member
We have lots and lots of contacts in our industry so come to Cornwall for a surf and a beer and we will chat it through... or just drop us an email at andycameron@wavehunters.co.uk
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New Member
I'm an ex-private equity / investment banker with over 9 years of experience in the industry. Just in the process of launching an innovative online financial service in the market whereby you can s...
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New Member
Hi, I'm an experienced sales and marketing manager who has a passion for ideas and action. Corporate experienced and looking to start my own business ventures.
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New Member
I could read CVs / letters or be a person to bounce more general ideas off. I had a few people who I spoke to regularly during my job search as I had no clue what I wanted to do - I knew I wanted t...
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New Member
Ex accountant setting up my own ethical clothing brand. I am looking to put all my experience to good use and give something back to the world.
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New Member
Hello there, I like to say I make enchanted things to come alive: I am a start-up co-founder, responsible for user experience, product development and project management, but also write and make ou...
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New Member
Hey hey, I am inexhaustible source of positive energy, project manager and the mother. Currently employed at municipal office for the development. I am looking for adventurous jobs for the good cau...
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New Member
IT Geek & Sports Nut, so normally tweeting about 1 of the 2! Currently living in London and working on a wee sports event in the summer. All views are my own.
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New Member
I am looking to expand the business and would be happy to consider employing someone who may have generic business skills but not necessarily oak framing experience (as this was the situation I was...
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New Member
I'm Francesca, art director and graphic designer, with passion for traveling, photography and foreign languages. I' love to move from Italy to a foreign country, especially Australia or south Amer...
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New Member
Hi Everyone, My cousin Fatou Ceesay and I are starting a social enterprise with an African Focus. We will regularly update on the activities/projects are doing. www.greenmangoprojects.com. We need...
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New Member
Freelance communications and campaigns specialist. Interested in business, innovation and design. Frequently found travelling.
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