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I'm Francesca, art director and graphic designer, with passion for traveling, photography and foreign languages. I' love to move from Italy to a foreign country, especially Australia or south Amer...
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New Member
Hi Everyone, My cousin Fatou Ceesay and I are starting a social enterprise with an African Focus. We will regularly update on the activities/projects are doing. www.greenmangoprojects.com. We need...
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New Member
Freelance communications and campaigns specialist. Interested in business, innovation and design. Frequently found travelling.
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New Member
Hi, translator, property manager, real estate sales, looking for one of these jobs in Africa or Asia.
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New Member
Hi, i'm currently working in the legal profession but making a shift towards re-training as a psychotherapist. I have started a personal development website aimed towards men and would like to get...
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We are always happy to talk to anyone embarking on a similar endeavour.
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Hi, I am experience internet marketing, business development and general management professional heavily biased towards technology-software companies. Travel and extreme sports are my escape rou...
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New Member
I'm a recent Law graduate with lots of potential.
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New Member
Gestatten:Unruhestifter // I'm a rebel, consultant and project manager supporting companies to create people-oriented organizational architectures.
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm an Italian Internal Audit and Compliance Manager with about 10 years of experience in Design, Assessment and Implementation of Company Control Models, Control and Organizational ...
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New Member
Firstly, we're always happy to chat with anyone who wants to get in contact for any reason at all; whether it's to seek advice, bounce ideas or just feel like there's someone else in the same boat!...
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New Member
Entrepreneur, foodie, founder of The Nurture Network - the on-demand marketing department & co-founder of Brand Gathering - where savvy brands collaborate.Ultimately on a mission to r...
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