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I can enhance their lives by teaching them the REAL basics of wine language!Seriously though, I'm a never-give-up-on-your-dream and life-is-too-short kind of girl. If anyone needs that extra push t...
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New Member
Recently move to Sydney, Australia for the next few years after working in London for a start-up and in professional services. Looking for opportunities in Sydney...
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New Member
Former Transport Partnerships Manager at the London Borough of Richmond, where I ran a partnership of 10 SW London Boroughs, transport operators, commuter groups and businesses. Previous experience...
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New Member
I run a small consultancy firm specialising in social enterprise and humanitarian aid. I'm in the process of setting up a new charity enabling person-to-person giving post-disasters and in need of...
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New Member
I am a management consultant living in Dubai with 9 years experience in industry & consulting in the telecoms & FMCG markets. Having traveled constantly for the past 6 years working in vari...
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New Member
Hola a todos, soy Ingeniero electromecánico, administrador de proyectos y saxofonista en Costa Rica. Busco emprendedores para intercambiar experiencias. Actualmente estoy arrancando con una oficina...
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New Member
Helping them to find other routes to escape into the start-up world via the opportunities on Enternships.com or general advice based on my experiences on launching a Web 2.0 venture and bootstrappi...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I am a client manager helping hard-to-reach members of society access business funding via a fantastic charity set up to get businesses started. I have an idea for a travel business ...
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New Member
One of the very lucky LOCOG alumni. Over the past 7 years I have worked in Sports Marketing, Events, Athlete Management, Product Development, Sports Buying. I am looking for an everyday that matche...
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New Member
Responsible and dedicated with research abilities, quantitative and qualitative analytical skills. Comfortable in multicultural environment. Interested in cross cultural relationships, passion and ...
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New Member
I've moved to Nairobi, Kenya with the hope that I will be able to find a job in the NGO sector with less trouble than I was having in England! Leeds University Classicist graduate of this year, who...
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New Member
Don’t lose sight of your dream. If you really want something, set your goal and every day make small steps in that direction.If anyone is interested in being part of an exciting new business, we ar...
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