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New Member
I am currently recruiting for a key employee as well as food and wine guides to join my business.Send me your CV if you are interested in eating/drinking, food/wine/culture and the gastronomy touri...
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New Member
Strategy & marketing consultant specializing on healthcare industry with 7 years of experience Global experience working on projects in all major developed and emerging markets with top 25 phar...
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New Member
I am 61 years old Private Wealth Chartered Accountant. esc from the City 1987. Recaptured oveseas in 1994. esc again in 2001. Have enjoyed freedom till now. want to assist as many to esc either in ...
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New Member
Strong entrepreneurial vision with the desire to make change happen. I'm always looking for an opportunity to help others and at the same time fulfill my life goals and have new experiences.
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New Member
I’m a Management Consultant with 2 years experience, working mainly in CRM. I’m looking for job opportunities within consulting, Technology or Internet start-ups in London or abroad.
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New Member
I am a young professional searching for a career that combines sustainable development, helping others, adventure, travelling and nature. I have over 4 years of working experience in small and big...
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New Member
Hi. I've just signed up here to see what's on offer. I have a pretty senior role in a digital marketing agency in London. I actually really enjoy it. I work with a fun and friendly team a...
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New Member
Buddhist Punk, honest being, fearless traveler, adventurist, non-conformist, innovative & out of the box mind. Leaving my 10 year career (project/department coordinator) in film/tv. Looking to util...
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New Member
Adventurous cyclist with no fixed abode. First book & film out now. Trailer @ http://janapar.com. I escaped!
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New Member
The short story: Business school > Varied jobs in IT and Web > Multifaceted professional. I’m looking for job opportunities in Film or start-ups in Canada or abroad. I also do freelance desig...
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New Member
When it's possible I'm Travel Consultant/Tour Guide working as Freelancer, but in the same time I'm a day to day Financial Consultant working in a multinational company, trying to ESCAPE. My ...
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New Member
My background encompasses a rare combination of accomplishments in humanitarian aid, sports, science, corporate and business management consulting, education and non-profit management.Integrity, re...
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