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Experience Product Manager with a passion for creation. And a little bit of an obsession with sport. Playing around with ideas on how to do something amazing for sports and activities in the dig...
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Currently I work as a Decision Analyst and what I do is to combine the very best in analysis tools with a strong dose of human interaction, and apply it all to turn a tangled chaos of facts and fig...
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Hi, I'm Cath. A Project Manager, from a Recruitment Background looking to use the skills and experience I have developed over the last 5 years in an organisation that excites me. I've got lots o...
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Lovedesh™, the world's first design brand, for 'Third World' nations.  I scout out all the best fashion, design and textiles from artisans across the world. After 2 years of my life spen...
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I have been working for a financial company in London's Square Mile for the last 4 and half years but I recently resigned. In September 2011 I spotted a gap in the watch market and setup Larsson & ...
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I am looking for people who want to build/share/learn skills with amazing socially-driven organisations. We (that could include you) are building a tool to do just that, and we want people like you...
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I'm a Cambridge MPhil grad and a historic research consultant looking for an in to the museums sector. I've been offered a place at UCL for their MA in Museum Studies and am looking for a job that ...
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I am a strategy planner working in advertising. Fascinated by psychology, social neuroscience, communications, innovations, technology, media, identity and branding and bringing these things toget...
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New Member
I'm a former academic/recovering management consultant currently running Timeless Africa, a luxury travel company focusing on bespoke travel to Africa and the Indian Ocean that I founded in 2006. I...
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New Member
I’m a big fan of Escape the City and see a lot of synergies with it and WEXO. We’re more geared to younger people and the creative industries; WEXO could help people ‘Escape the City’ before they g...
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We are always happy to help where we can. Please feel free to drop us a line.
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I 'escaped the city' in 2011 to join an exciting and new start up called onefinestay. I have recently left to work with my girlfriend on her business www.rockbakehouse.co.uk which offers cake ...
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