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I'm a Cambridge MPhil grad and a historic research consultant looking for an in to the museums sector. I've been offered a place at UCL for their MA in Museum Studies and am looking for a job that ...
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New Member
I’m a big fan of Escape the City and see a lot of synergies with it and WEXO. We’re more geared to younger people and the creative industries; WEXO could help people ‘Escape the City’ before they g...
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New Member
We are always happy to help where we can. Please feel free to drop us a line.
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New Member
I 'escaped the city' in 2011 to join an exciting and new start up called onefinestay. I have recently left to work with my girlfriend on her business www.rockbakehouse.co.uk which offers cake ...
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New Member
I would be more than willing to help out a fellow Escape the City member. If I had never been helped out by one, I wouldn’t be here in the first place!If anyone is interested in getting into Intern...
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New Member
I did what I did because of my own restlessness and out of a slightly naive sense of romanticism. I hope that perhaps the example may be instructive.Please check out my book, Riding the Ice Wind. I...
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New Member
Working on a project to encourage recent graduate and current students to think creatively about career options and not that the only way to "success" requires a grad scheme. Looking for people who...
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New Member
After having spent 11 years in procurement organizations of 2 large corporations (MAN and Siemens) I now answer two challenging business questions: 1. How to manage CUSTOMER relationships? 2. H...
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New Member
I am currently project / account manager in a mobile contactless (NFC) wallet project at a telco, with both, banking and entrepreneurial experience. Would love to get involved into a young company ...
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New Member
I founded The DoNation a couple of years ago. It's a sponsorship site much like JustGiving, only there's no money involved. You donate by Doing. We're always looking for Doers and volunteers, to t...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I am the program manager of a social impact investment fund at a non-profit. I have 5 years of professional experience, most of the time as a consultant in the private sector. I am lo...
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New Member
If anyone needs any info or encouragement to make the leap then please, please, please contact me through my site - http://www.charliewalkerexplore.co.uk/ - I would love to help...
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