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New Member
Hi, I'm the UK's only Purposologist. I use purpose as a way to help people find fulfilling work and create organisations which inspire and engage their employees and customers. I do that through c...
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New Member
Happy to provide advice, work experience or just act as sounding board.Particularly keen to chat to awesome web developers as we may have an opening coming up as we grow.
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New Member
After 5 1/2 years in the Army I left to become a Project Manager for an IT company. After a year in the job I realised that the job, although paid very well, was not for me. I've now escaped and...
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New Member
Hello everyone! I am a History of Art graduate, who is bilingual in Portuguese and speak very good Italian and Spanish. I am looking for administrative / events / marketing opportunities, preferabl...
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New Member
I'm a Marketing Planner who's recently become a Mum. In my role I uncover insight, write strategy and manage the idea generation process that results in digital-focused marketing activities that g...
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New Member
Multimedia sports journalist experienced in print, online, social media, video and radio.
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New Member
Former IT guy. Escaped on a 16 month bike ride. Now back in the UK writing epic shit and looking for more adventures!
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New Member
A communications professional, currently working on public sector advertising campaigns with responsibility for planning and delivery, creative research and development, production, web/mobile ma...
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New Member
I am a City lawyer who is interested in international development and adventure. Although I work in what I consider 'good law' (charity & social housing), I don't find it particularly fulfilling a...
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New Member
Ex-investment banker currently setting up a new type of 5k run/day long festival. Looking for someone with a marketing/branding/PR background who wants to build something great. I've designed a ...
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New Member
I work for an exciting charitable organisation called United Through Sport, which is doing powerful life changing things for thousands of kids in Africa, Asia and South America. I am currently s...
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New Member
I'm a recent graduate (Double Degree Programme in Business Adminstration in Berlin and Bilbao), 6 months Internship in an NGO for certification of organic products in Bolivia, fluent in English, Ge...
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