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New Member
Founder/Director of RazorLAB, UK manufacturing hub for and powered by Ponoko. Looking for improving our Digital Manufacturing business. I can help other members on Crowdfunding their projects/i...
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New Member
Hi All, I have a varied career to date with experience in lots of analytical and client facing roles, as well as problem resolution. I am fluent in Spanish, am picking up French and have a degree i...
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New Member
I'm an MBA grad with 7 years of experience in planning, training and problem solving primarily within the area of emergency management. I am looking for job opportunities that align more with my M...
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New Member
ECE graduate, designer by osmosis, and passionate about startups, user experience and technology in general. Looking for Product Management opportunities in the UK. Just get in touch with me!
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New Member
Digital marketing professional and all round creative.
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New Member
This isn't going to be fun, easy, or safe.
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New Member
Director of Software Development at Time Out. Previously headed up engineering at Mind Candy. I make internet things.
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New Member
I am looking to find a place amongst a community that offers a caring and supportive alternative lifestyle
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New Member
An experienced professional currently working for a major international foundation seeking new and exciting opportunities.
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Web Developer Needed
New Member
Hello out there! I'm a CIMA qualified Accountant and looking for something a bit more meaningful than just number crunching. I refuse to believe that Accountants are dull and boring and would lik...
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New Member
I have over 2 years of political and human rights experience, working in the offices of politicians and for human rights groups. I have been doing research and advocacy for a small Middle Eastern h...
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