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New Member
Travel author and vespa fanatic. Cofounder of @cityhook.
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New Member
I am recent INSEAD MBA graduate looking for cross-functional high impact roles (strategy+operations) in a high growth and innovative company, leveraging on industry experience in the financial and ...
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New Member
Hi, I have four years experience in various professional management roles including project management, quality management, process management making me a good all rounder. I am looking for a new o...
Connect with Rosy Cuthbert
New Member
Hi! I'm an attorney in Los Angeles with a little under a year of prosecution experience and about two years of litigation experience. I am looking for opportunities that will utilize my law degree...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm an Accountant with 2 years professional experience, have studied and volunteered abroad. I'm looking for job/ volunteer/adventure opportunities anywhere around the world. I am pa...
Connect with Grace Hermocilla
New Member
Hi, I am a financial manager for a federal agency. I'm starting a new business for federal employees who want to do consulting on the side, or recent retirees who want to transition. See FedSpecial...
Connect with Paul Van
New Member
Hello, I enjoy variety especially in my working life. As a philosophy graduate I'm interested in most things and am always keen to learn and be a part of something new. My knack is seeing the fores...
Connect with Simon Kenion
New Member
Hi ... I m a musician from Vancouver, Canada. I also own a small business renting furniture and stuff to movie productions. I am looking to sell this business and potentially start a new career. ...
Connect with Michael Shindler
New Member
Hi I'm Sarah. I am an artist, photographer, teacher and curious. I am looking for a big adventure which hopefully includes learning a new culture, meeting new people and taking photographs. I love ...
Connect with Sarah Moody
New Member
My name is Petros I am a Volunteer Advisor for a volunteering organisation. I am very interested in conservation and the environment and have previously worked on conservation projects in the cloud...
Connect with Petros Persad
New Member
I consider the world my home and have travelled through over 50 countries where I discovered a love for the developing world. Passionate about education, health and nutrition and sustainable develo...
Connect with Liz Dingjan
New Member
Hi, I'm a lawyer with 15 years post qualification experience. Now working in house but with a background in private practice advising on dispute resolution and construction. I'm looking for a fresh...
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