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New Member
Hi everyone, I am an Assistant Product Manager with over 5 years experience in FMCG Marketing.
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New Member
Hello. I'm an Environmental Officer with 3.5 years experience in environmental monitoring and liaising with stakeholders. I'm seeking a new adventure in environmental management and/or environmen...
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New Member
Hello all, I have had the pleasure of running global infrastructure teams for some of the largest firms in the world and am looking for something interesting in the north of England to move back ho...
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New Member
1)Hi! I'm a creative, resourceful guy who loves working outdoors, innovative Eco design/construction and learning new skills. 2)I'm looking for the opportunity to work on Eco house projects, land...
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New Member
I'm an operations consultant with an MBA and experience working in three continents, looking to use my experience and education towards public sector consulting, or in business strategy.
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New Member
Artist living in London.
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New Member
Art history lover, interested in landscapes and cultural geography, the meaning in the constructed environment, architecture, garden history and the eighteenth century. Living in Tel Aviv and love...
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New Member
Serial Entrepreneur – Adventurer – Traveller – Explorer – Lover – Casual Hero – Polyglot – Prankster – Visionary – Life Coach – Business Consultant – Angel Investor – Mentor – Contrarian – Tr...
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New Member
Instigated best selling poetry anthology 'Soul Feathers' in aid of @macmillancancer. Founder of 'Poets & Writers Charity Collective' on Facebook. Please join if you are a poet or short story writ...
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New Member
Hello, I'm a mechanical engineer with two years design experience. I worked in the corporate world but felt like I wasn't contributing to the overall well-being of society. In the most vague terms,...
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New Member
Founder of KweekWeek - Your personal activity and event discovery tool / ex Deutsche & Merrill Lynch banker
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New Member
Hello! A friend who's traveling the world recommended that I check this out. Currently work in marketing at a college, have certainly done the big company, CPG marketing thing, absolutely want/ne...
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