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Hi everyone, I'm a former investment banker from London, who started a real estate development company in Krakow, Poland 8 years ago. With my background in finance, analysis and experience as a par...
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New Member
Hi, my name is Luka, I am from Austria and 22 years old.I would like to learn something which i can’t learn at school/university or in my home country. I am looking for some Volunteering work, new ...
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New Member
Hi, for the last two years I have been a Business Assessor examining our internal systems and offering ways to improve them. I am renowned for questioning the norm, I believe in streamlining proce...
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New Member
Currently an art dealer in London looking for an opportunity in Australia, Singapore or Hong Kong!
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New Member
GRC expert with extensive emerging markets experience. Passionate for creativity and design. Looking for inspirations and courage to make my dream become reality.
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New Member
The Rift Valley Children’s Village currently provides for 65 orphaned and at-risk children, who live there full time, and 16 children, who return home to the Children’s Village during vacation from...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I’m a Management Consultant with 4 years strategy experience. I’m looking for job opportunities in Technology or Internet start-ups in London or abroad. I also have an idea for an onli...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm an engineer with 4.9yrs of experience in Data Center networking and Storage networks. I am Hard-working and passionate about helping/ volunteering the needed. Education also inter...
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New Member
Hello- I'm a financial journalist with over seven years experience covering markets. I'm looking for a new role in a small company where I can unleash my high-energy, all-rounder profile.
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New Member
Hey everybody, my name is Frank Pulvino and I am a recent graduate with my bachelors degree in Human Resource Management. I am searching for job opportunities. I wish to challenge my management and...
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New Member
Hi! I'm a college student in New York City studying to be a Social Worker. I'm looking for a job related to anything in the social work. I want to work with a bunch of different populations in need...
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New Member
I'm a Management Consultant with nearly 3 years of experience working in the public sector industry. I also have an MPH with experience in the non-profit industry including working at the World Hea...
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