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Hi all, I am trained as an Architect from India. Have worked in numerous areas of the field from draftsperson, architect, manager, co-ordinator etc. Also have some retail supply chain management us...
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New Member
I am a Principal with a software consulting firm with experience in many areas of software business people, process, and tech and most recently have opening up new offices US and now Africa. I lov...
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New Member
Hello, my name is Emma van der Steen and I'm looking for a opportunity to get in touch with a new sort of living. I would love to learn more about (organic) agriculture, in return I could offer my ...
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New Member
I'm interested in cooperation on developing projects (startups). I prefer dynamic work in the team. I have job experiences with sales, managing team of sales representative, managing projects and c...
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New Member
Hello, I'm a 40 something guy looking to share ideas for new experiences through my website whatmidlifecrisis.co.uk We need inspiration for overseas adventure travel, volunteering abroad, new skill...
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Let's play a game ...
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New Member
Hi Everyone, I have an extensive Information Security leadership background with major blue chip companies in highly regulated finance, insurance, pharmaceuticals and utility business sectors. ...
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New Member
Traveling the world collecting stories and adventure. A writer with thoughts and words to share with the world. Social media, business, leadership and personal development background. Looking for e...
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New Member
Hi! I'm a supervisor with 3.5 years of operations, online marketing and project management experience. I'm here to connect with social entrepreneurs. Looking to build a career with a social enterpr...
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New Member
Hello folks, I'm a senior finance executive with 10 years experience in senior leadership positions. I'm looking for an exciting opportunities in Finance in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain. I c...
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New Member
I am Danny Trujillo, I am an audio guy with an audio degree, I do work in all types of audio visual work. I have experience in recording studios as well as in live sound, video, lighting events. I ...
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New Member
I’m a senior sales professional in a very well known web search company with 6 years software & enterprise sales experience. I'm looking for job opportunities in technology or start-ups in London w...
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