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New Member
Hi there, I'm an Interior & Spatial Designer with 5 years Interior Design professional experience. I'm now starting my own business and practicing as a freelance designer. As a Spatial Designer, I ...
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New Member
I am an international development professional with 9 years' experience with NGOs and donors. I'd like an interesting programme management or strategy job in the NGO, private or public sectors. I'm...
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New Member
Hi there! I am a Serial Entrepreneur and currently partner in an early stage investment fund Based in Nairobi Kenya. I am keen on connecting with like minded people who may be interested in opportu...
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New Member
Hi I have a degree in International Relations and have struggled to find a position. I've primarily worked in an administrative capacity and have recently returned to school to get my Masters. Al...
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New Member
A Generalist. An enthusiastic problem-solver who is proactive and experienced business management professional with proven track record of successfully delivering ROI driven high revenue generati...
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New Member
Hi, I work in Intelligence Analysis within the NHS. Ideally I'd like a job involving proof-reading, copy-editing, writing, researching, script reading or basically anything that involves the writt...
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New Member
A recent graduate in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese from the University of Manchester. Currently working for the Confucius Institute at the University of Manchester but actively looking for opportuni...
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New Member
My name is Nicola Hannan. Until last year I worked for ITV in the Commercial Analysis department. I was with ITV for 13 years. I quit my job to go on a round the world trip which was fantastic! Now...
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New Member
Hi, I'm Dana, a baby massage workshop instructor. looking for a job opportunities with parents for infants, in Israel or abroad. And most important- a mom for 2 beautiful girls.
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New Member
Hi everyone, I have worked on different IT related positions. I’m looking for job opportunities in Technology or Internet start-ups in London or abroad. I also have an idea for an innovative onlin...
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New Member
We r a couple,both in our 20's,very enterprising adventurous & with a zeal to travel & explore th world.Gopi is an independent strategic business consultant while Tanya runs her own small specializ...
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New Member
​I am a freelance media trainer & project manager who specializes in implementing multimedia projects. I have been in the field for nearly 5 years, and open for a new challenges in Multimedia and I...
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