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New Member
Hi everyone, I left france, 4 years ago and travelled a long time in Asia. For now, i'm volunteer at GRP - Phuket - Thailand and take care of Gibbons. I'd like to find a similar project in Asia,...
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New Member
Hello! I'm a perpetual traveler, photographer and responsible hedonist transplanted from Texas into the heart San Francisco. I've successfully helped lead a start-up from 99 members to over 5 mil...
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New Member
Hello. I am a senior level risk manager for a large consumer bank, with especially deep background in payments, fraud, customer segmentation, and credit risk management. Since a major restructuring...
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New Member
Hi Escapers :) I am an integrative pharmacist and holisitic health counselor. I am looking to start my own consulting business, go explore and experience the world of whole health, various cultur...
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New Member
Hi, I'm an entrepreneur with 6+ years of design, branding, product development and e-commerce experience. I'm looking for job opportunities in brand strategy and development. As a right-brained ind...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a Student from Barcelona. I'm looking for job opportunities in everywhere to increase experience and talent.
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New Member
I'm a formerly Brooklyn-based designer that made 2012 my year for travel and personal projects. I traveled to Asia where I worked on web and print design projects while also studying the language, ...
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New Member
A highly organized; intelligent; goal-oriented; technically sophisticated business savvy professional with a self-motivating attitude and extensive knowledge of handling daily administrative tasks...
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New Member
I have been living in Argentina for over 4 years now, not only escaping the city but escaping the rat race that infultrates the northern countries. I am searching for my place in the world, that I...
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New Member
I'm new to the Orlando area and am loving it! My experience is vast! I am a licensed cosmetologist, have worked in a salon, NY Fashion Week, and as an educator. I have my 440 insurance license. I a...
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New Member
I'm a trainee at a big 4 accountancy firm with 9 months of my training contract remaining and wondering what to do next.
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New Member
Hello, My business experiences are management, marketing, communications and computer science. I have worked in different sector such as tourism, edition, ... Living in Tangier, northern Morocco,...
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