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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a marketing consultant with 9 years experience in integrated and online marketing planing and implementation. I'm looking for exciting career opportunities in entrepreneurial-spir...
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New Member
The consummate idealist battle hardened in by contemporary realities.  It is self-evident that are all uniquely shaped by experience, in my case this has had an indelible mark on my charact...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I am a recent grad with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management- concentrations in Marketing and Leadership & Consulting. I am looking for a secure position with a company dedicate...
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New Member
I'm David, I've worked in customer service/hospitality for over 9 years and now, I am looking to work overseas and find something I love doing...which I haven't found YET!!! I will help others by...
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New Member
Hello! I am currently a full time student at Towson University studying Latin American Studies and Anthropology. Currently looking for an internship next summer in Central America dealing primarily...
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New Member
Founder & CEO of @EsperosBags. Passionate about education, building community, and travel. In a quote, The world is my country, and my religion is to do good.
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New Member
I'm a graduate in IT, an actor and a entrepreneur. I'm looking for adventure and fun.
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New Member
Entrepreneur with a bunch of finance qualifications working in Banking (J.P. Morgan), ex-Deloitte, ex-KPMG and Social Enterprise consulting with Grameen Foundation. I have worked and lived across m...
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New Member
After many years producing TV ads, fashion films and a movie or two, I'd like to put the skills, contacts and aesthetic values to use on projects that favour people and planet, above only profit ....
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New Member
I have three years experience as a blogger, social media manager, digital producer and web content editor. I have experience in the fashion/retail sector but currently work for a top UK university ...
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New Member
Passionate about traveling, entrepreneurship, adventures, and making dreams come true.
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New Member
I am the co-founder of Hucklebury, an online fashion label selling better fitting men's shirts, and co-founder of 2Stallions, a digital agency specializing in web development and social media manag...
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